Top 7 Buying Mistakes

Top 7 Buying Mistakes

The Top 7 Buying Mistakes that Cause Most Clients’ Problems

These buying mistakes can contribute to frustration and can be a waste of time and money. They are common and many women experience the problems caused by them.

Mistake 1 - Choosing on Price Alone

This can apply to buying items or choosing a service. Price will always come into the consideration but should not be the deciding factor. With clothing the cheaper the price sometimes means the cheaper the quality. With experience or service purchases it is important that the person providing the service and the client have an easy rapport so that the client is able to ask questions and understand the service. It is important that the experience is quality.

Mistake 2 – Buying in a Hurry

Many people make the mistake because they feel rushed and often have buyers regret. Purchasing items in a hurry takes away the power of choice. If a customer in a shop has time to browse and compare, to try garments on and ask questions they are more likely to be happy with their purchase. If purchasing online it is important to make sure there is a good returns policy. The solution is to take your time.

Mistake 3 – Listening to Pushy Sales Assistants

Another mistake is to buy because a sales assistant or business owner has been a great salesperson.  Remember that customers are there to buy if they wish to. They should not be sold to. Just given enough information and shown enough of the product or service to make a decision. If a customer has knowledge about what suits them and a definite idea of what they are looking for no amount of pushing by a salesperson will convince them to buy if it isn't right for them. The solution is to be well informed about colours and styles suit and to be assertive when talking to the sales assistant in a store so they are well informed of what you are looking for.

Mistake 4 – Peer Pressure

Some women make a mistake when they are with a group and feel peer pressure - This can also cause "buyers regret" Stop and think about whether you really want that product or service. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away when out with a group shopping. This is the philosophy behind the shopping tours which used to be popular. Party plan or online shopping is similar. Preparation beforehand means you will know what you actually may want to buy or need to buy as opposed by going with the crowd.

Mistake 5 – Not Seizing the Opportunity

The opposite mistake can also be to not buy or engage the service when it is something you have been thinking about for a while and you are procrastinating when it could be a good decision. Sometimes if you are prepared and know in advance what you want to buy it is a case of first in best dressed. Many bargains can be purchased by making a quick decision as long as you have put some thought into it beforehand and it is not an impulse buy. It does not always work like this as sometimes impulse buys are favourite purchases.

Mistake 6 – Know What You Have

It is a big mistake to not already know what is in your wardrobe. Think about whether the new purchase will go with what you already have. Keep a list of what you need in your wardrobe. This way you will be aware of the gaps and you will be ready to purchase if you do see a bargain. If you need a jacket to go with a skirt or a pair of pants take that other item with you when shopping, take a photograph with you or wear that item. This way you can check that it will go with that garment.

Mistake 7 – Using Retail As Therapy

Last but not least the top mistake that many women make is to keep buying and buying because they are unhappy with their weight, lifestyle, relationship, current wardrobe, career. Constantly purchasing more when you have other areas in your life to deal with is a mistake. It only serves as a distraction. Make a conscious effort to take items out of your wardrobe before buying and putting more in. No matter how many sales are on or how many pairs of black pants you can get for the price of one do you need eight pairs of black pants in your wardrobe?

These are all previous mistakes that clients have made when shopping and have casually mentioned. If you are looking for a simple way to shop taking a Personal Stylist with you after a consultation will ensure that you have a second pair of eyes and even a wardrobe audit beforehand.

Contact Moana Robinson Personal Stylist and Image Consultant to arrange an obligation free chat today.

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