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The Midlife Inspiration Challenge is your first step to discovering where you are now as far as your life goes and how to thrive in midlife and beyond. In this challenge, you will receive an email and short video each week together with an activity designed to help you discover how to balance your life and unlock the keys to discovering and achieving your goals and dreams.

Balancing your Life

Having balance between between busy times and quiet times keeps you calm and grounded.

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life will give you a visual representation of how balanced your life is right now. It will show you
which areas you want to focus on so that your life is smoother and you feel more fulfilled.

Every week you will get more information to happiness and fulfilment. After the 4-week Challenge, you can book  a 45-minute session for free with me... Talk to you soon!

Moana the Sassy Stylist, B Styled for Life

About Moana the Sassy Stylist

In Polynesian, "moana" means "ocean." It's integral to life. Moana believes personal care in mind, body, and spirit is crucial. Moana, a Personal Stylist, Speaker, and Life Coach and , empowers clients with unlimited potential in life and style.

Styling goes beyond appearance. Moana inspires people to be their absolute best. SASS means being self-aware and self-sufficient. We have everything we need inside us.

STYLE is expressing yourself through unique fashion choices. Your best colors highlight features and affect self-perception. Moana presents tailored talks and interactive sessions for groups.

Moana Robinson shares that there is more to styling than just the outside image. She inspires people to develop their own resources to look, feel, and be their absolute best. Having SASS, according to Moana, is being Self Aware and Self Sufficient. We have everything we need inside ourselves already.

Having STYLE is knowing who you are and showing your personality through your own unique style. Wearing your best colors highlights your features and also has an impact on how you feel about yourself and how others see you. Moana enjoys presenting to groups, whether online or in person, and can tailor talks and interactive presentations to suit your group or workplace. In addition to group sessions at your premises, Moana holds workshops at the studio, which include confidence building and styling sessions.

To contact Moana, you can visit her website at, call her at 0419 120087, email her at, or find her at