Personal Styling by Moana Robinson

B Styled For Life is based at the Gold Coast and Moana Robinson is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Personal Stylist. Every aspect of Image and Personal Styling is considered from Colour Analysis, body shape analysis, style personality assessment and all areas of personal and business branding.

Colour and style play such an important part in our everyday lives. Standing out and shining with your own style and personality has never been more important than it is today. All services can be combined and the Colour and Style Consultations are included in the Complete Transformation Package

Introduction to Colour and Style - Online only (30 minutes) $125

One to one conversation discussing all aspects of colour and style with the ability to ask questions and advice with any concerns regarding wardrobe and outfits. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about style and ways to highlight your best features and make the most of time with a qualified image consultant who is very interested in helping you achieve your style goals.

  • Feel free to use this time to ask about outfits for special events or any garments in your wardrobe which you would like an opinion on
  • Make a list prior to your appointment of all the aspects of colour and style that you would like to discuss
  • All conversations are completely confidential and you can be assured of  a friendly, professional and caring service
Personal styling online with Moana

Colour Analysis - Online* (or Face to Face 1.5 hours) $297

Moana has been assisting many women discover their best or “true” colour palette for personal and branding purposes.  It is a smart move to consult a personal stylist for a colour analysis before selecting website, business card and business logo and stationery colours.  For many small businesses today the owner’s personality shines through as part of their business and a personal stylist can assist with this.

Service includes:

  • Analysis of colours to suit skin tone, hair colour and eye colour
  • Advice on clothing accessories, make-up and hair to suit personal colouring
  • Comprehensive personalised booklet covering all aspects of your personal colour system
  • Colour swatch containing approximate 50 colours including neutrals to suit your personal colouring
  • *Even held online these sessions are extremely accurate and special attention is paid to ensuring you as the client understand all aspects of your colour analysis and why certain colours suit and why some are not as flattering
  • *Online sessions are held via zoom at a time convenient to you and they are recorded and sent to you for your future reference.
Colour Consultations

Style Consultation - Online* (or Face to Face 2 hours) $320

Style is fascinating as it covers so many aspects of our personal essence. By better understanding yourself and your style you will make better decisions, claim your true authentic beauty and express your style with a sense of confidence.

Service includes:

  • Analysis of style personality, body shape, lifestyle, wardrobe
  • Advice on clothing, accessories, hairstyles
  • Comprehensive personalised booklet covering all aspects of your personal style
  • Lifestyle and wardrobe choice analysis as well as advice on fit and care of clothing
  • *Even held online these sessions are extremely accurate and special attention is paid to ensuring you as the client understand all aspects of your style analysis and why certain styles suit and why some are not as flattering
  • *Online sessions are held via zoom at a time convenient to you and they are recorded and sent to you for your future reference.
Style Consultation

Personal Shopping (In Person Shopping 2 hours) $250

Something Moana loves is shopping!  If you would like a stress-free efficient shopping trip where your best interests are at heart then Moana is happy to assist as one of her favourite parts of the business is helping people shop. Whether you don't like the thought of shopping, or you love shopping and tend to "impulse buy" sometimes experiencing buyers remorse this can be the answer. Moana will work within your set budget and individual needs to create a practical and distinctive wardrobe that you will love to wear and can put together effortlessly to look and feel fabulous. She will show you how to invest in items that will serve you season after season, key pieces that last, that flatter your body shape, serve both your lifestyle and professional needs and more importantly give you confidence. Moana can help you shop for a special event, accessorise a contemporary work or capsule wardrobe, or refresh your style with new found key pieces for the season.

Service includes:

  • Online meeting to discuss requirements
  • Two hour shopping experience to cater to your personal style
  • Enjoy feeling like a celebrity as you have outfits chosen for you and have the opportunity to try new styles
  • Learn what works with your body shape and leave feeling confident
  • Make the most of unbiased opinions rather than relying on the assistance of retail assistants
  • Enjoy the whole experience so that you can explore the possibilities available which you may not have thought of
Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Audits (2 hours duration) $250

Auditing wardrobes and giving non-biased opinions about what suits a client’s lifestyle, colouring, body shape and style personality is something that can be achieved very quickly.   Clients quite often get emotionally attached to clothing making wardrobe auditing challenging. They find it helpful to receive  personal styling with caring, friendly and impartial advice.

  • As a caring and interested personal stylist Moana will help you go through your wardrobe to sort through items which you may not be sure whether to keep, discard or replace.
  • Sometimes items only need a minor "tweak" or alteration to make a huge difference and Moana can give advice on this
  • Once you have an audited wardrobe clothes will be easier to find. You will be able to put outfits together with as as a report can be collated for you of the items which are ideal to wear together so that you can replicate the entire outfit in a hurry
  • During the wardrobe audit or even afterwards you will see if there are any gaps which will enable you to shop smart and only buy what you need as you will be aware of what you already have in your wardrobe.
Wardrobe Audit

All services require 48 hours notice for change or cancellation or deposit or full payment will be forfeited. Full payment is required prior to booking confirmation. Please feel free to contact Moana if you have any questions at all about any of the services.

The best way to find out which personal styling service is right for you is to contact Moana for an obligation free discovery chat.  If you are ready to find out more please select a time that suits you below and Moana will contact you with details and confirmation.

Book A Styling Session

Contact Moana on 0419120087 or [email protected] to enquire.   Brisbane or Gold Coast studios/mobile or online also available

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Customer Reviews

Janeen Testimonial
5 star

“I now know that I can eliminate certain styles and colours when I am shopping. I know that I am not wasting my time and money now buying the wrong things. Working with business women I want to create an impact when presenting and I feel good knowing that I am wearing the right colours and styles and that I am wearing what suits me not wearing clothes just because I have them”

– Janeen Vosper

Theresa Testimonial
5 star

“Moana, is a breath of fresh air and a lifesaver when it comes to styling and the wardrobe. I recently received a personality styling session with Moana and her talent and passion for styling shines through. Moana was so supportive and helpful with advice that I could apply straight away and she not only was totally on point in regards to my personality but taught me much about myself in regards to clothing choices. As a busy woman, I like my shopping expeditions to be quick and Moana helped me to discover the styles of clothing that suit my personality. I feel that I am going to save so much time when it comes to shopping for clothes. Thank you so much Moana, I cannot recommend you enough”

Theresa FitzGerald

Nadine Testimonial
5 star

“Wonderful fun filled morning of discovery. Moana was a delight to spend time with and took the time to understand my business and personality before diving into her colour collection. She found a lipstick I loved plus her makeup didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes, AND... Moana even had my favourite coffee ordered and waiting when I arrived. Talk about being made to feel special! If you want some time that’s all about YOU, you’ve come to the right place.”

Nadine Beveridge

Sara Testimonial
5 star

“My wardrobe has less choice in it as was able to declutter once I knew what my colours were.  With less clothes it was so easy to see what to wear. The swatch to take shopping is so good.  Now I normally have an idea of what I want and then I know that what I am buying will suit me ”

- Sara Jaques

Mindy Testimonial
5 star

 “Not knowing what to wear and what everybody else is wearing, how do you stand out, and still be yourself? How do you still look corporate? I was really relieved to have Moana come along shopping with me, and point me in the right direction - Fashion tips, what works with my body style, and that kind of thing also helped along the way immensely, so thanks Mo.  ”

– Mindy Went

Emma Testimonial
5 star

“Great morning, learning about my style personality!

Thank you so much for the opportunity Moana, I feel more confident to look and feel my best.!”

– Emma List