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Welcome to the B Stunning Online Course by B Styled for Life. This is your Personal Online Program. An exciting journey of personal discovery!

You will see this course covers so many aspects including style, colour, body shape, face shapes, style personality, confidence, life challenges, motivation…. healthy living and so much more.

Completing this course will have a positive impact on your life.

You will discover many aspects of you that you didn’t know existed and you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

You really will have the tools to B Styled …. For life!

Module One: The Importance of First Impressions

(2.59 minutes)

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. This lesson is all about making life easier for yourself. It may be that you are going for a job interview, seeing a client, or even meeting friends for lunch. Once that great first impression is made the rest of your connection or communication is much easier.

Module Two: How the Program Works

(2.33 minutes)

This program will deliver to you a series of videos for you to watch with actions to complete, which will help you develop your own individual style. You may have been wondering where to start when it comes to creating your individual style. You'll be walked through step by step.  You will receive emails to coincide with your progress during the course and enable you to make bookings for 1 to 1 appointments

Module Three: Benefits of the B Stunning Online Course

(5.01 minutes)

This Module is outlining the huge benefits of knowing your own style, best colours to suit your skin tone, hair, eye colour and how to make the best of your favourite features. You will know why it is so beneficial to discover your own unique talents and skills. You will understand what it is that makes you feel good about yourself.

Module Four: Aligning your Inner Beauty with your Outer Beauty

(5.46 minutes)

How you feel on the inside definitely does show on the outside. In turn, looking good on the outside can change the way you feel on the inside. As a life coach also, I know that one of the most powerful ways that you can change how you feel is by changing your state.  There are simple tips which can be used to achieve this.

Module Five: Defining Your Unique Signature Style

(7.26 minutes)

There are so many factors which determine what your own signature style is. During this video you will learn what aspects of your life determine what your style is and how to find this out. This will give you an indication of the type of clothing that is going to suit your preferences and your own unique style.

Module Six: Your Lifestyle

(2.45 minutes)

Lifestyle has a big impact on the clothing you wear. We talk about your current lifestyle and your wardrobe and the lifestyle you may like to have and the wardrobe you may like to have. We discuss the activities that make up your day and the wardrobe you have as it relates to those activities.

Module Seven: Putting It All Together

(6.33 minutes)

This module advises how to put all the aspects of style together. We discuss what being stylish means and it includes an exercise to put you into the mindset ready to be your best. What you're doing with this program can create confidence. It can create so many different positive changes in your life.

Module Eight: Getting Into Your Best Shape

(4.10 minutes)

This module goes into all aspects of getting into and maintaining your best shape. It is never too late to start getting into a healthy exercise routine or as I like to say “leading an active life”. Playing sport, exercising and being and keeping active are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Module Nine: Nutrition

(3.06 minutes)

Rather than thinking of weight loss by dieting and eating less, nutrition is about feeding your body the fuel it needs to perform. Just like putting fuel into a car, a car won't drive if it's running on empty. Being mindful of what you eat is so important. This is a short chat on nutrition.

Module Ten: An Active Life

(2.43 minutes)

Simple, easy exercise routines to keep you going on your style journey. Kaylene Gray from Tribe Fitness has put together a routine especially for this Online course. It is for  "Anywhere, Anytime" and contains simple exercises which are great for a consistent exercise routine and busy people.

Module Eleven: The Power of Posture

(3.17 minutes)

One of the best ways you can look slimmer, feel better, increase your confidence and keep your spine healthy is to be conscious of having correct posture. If you spend a long time sitting at a desk or sitting anywhere, it can wreak havoc on your health.

Module Twelve: The Confidence to Be the Best You

(4.49 minutes)

Sometimes you need to be brave to make changes. There are all sorts of reactions you may get as some people, even those close to you, may feel unsettled to see the beautiful, confident changes in you.

Module Thirteen: Getting Ready for Change

(3.23 minutes)

I'm going to give you a tool here. It's so powerful and we can do the activity together. What we don't want to change is who we are. Imagine being able to change how we think. We can change our thoughts from negative thoughts that don't serve us to positive thoughts that provide energy, happiness and passion to our lives.

Module Fourteen: Letting Go

(4.28 minutes)

To create space for the new you, what we need to do is let go. This is like furnishing a house, to replace the old out-of-date furniture you need to make space for new furniture, which is more suitable to your current style and situation. or...It's like cleaning up your wardrobe which we will be doing together later on in this program.

Module Fifteen: Styling the Unique You

(14.29 minutes)

This is where we start talking about styling and includes one of my passions which is colour.  Choosing the right colours to make the most of your hair, skin tone and eye colour.

Module Sixteen: Your Body Shape and Proportions

(2.52 minutes)

This module is very much a guide and there are some activities so that you can work out your body shape and proportions. Please keep in mind that people can be a combination of body shapes.

Module Seventeen: Specific Body Shapes

(12.45 minutes)

Once you have booked a call  to discuss your progress so far and your particular body shape please make a note in your folder.  This lesson will go into what styles will suit your particular body shape/s (sometimes you can be a combination)

Module Eighteen: Body Proportions

(5.52 minutes)

Body proportions are almost as important as body shapes. In this module you will find out how to check your own body proportions.

Module Nineteen: Body Variations

(1.48 minutes)

Every body is different, and we all have body variations. Different sizes and length of limbs in areas of our bodies. There will be areas of your body which you would like to highlight and areas that you may not want to emphasize so much. This module will go into ways you can draw attention to or take the focus off certain areas.

Module Twenty: Your Style Personality

(2.05 minutes)

Now, Style Personality. This is a big one. We all have different personalities and as with the personalities that develop as we grow, our Style Personality is developed also. There are many factors that contribute to the Style Personality including upbringing, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, values and inbuilt genetic personality which we are born with.

Module Twenty-one: Your Fresh Start

(8.32 minutes)

Getting ready for your fresh start. This another important section where we are putting all the knowledge that has been gained about yourself, your colouring, your body shape, your proportions, your style personality into context.

Module Twenty-two: Save Time and Money

(3.26 minutes)

Now we are preparing for your Wardrobe Audit. This video explains what you will need before going through your wardrobe so that you can  “B Styled for Life”. Going through your wardrobe is going to save you time and money.  It will streamline your life and your style.  You will be amazed at how good you feel after completion.

Module Twenty-three: Wardrobe D Day

(9.34 minutes)

Your own Wardrobe Audit. We will be doing this together. This is something you can repeat each year and streamline your wardrobe so that you know that everything in your wardrobe will be used. You will know that you will be wearing clothes that suit you, you feel good in and represent you.

Module Twenty-four: Shopping Savvy

(4.44 minutes)

Do you love shopping? Do you dislike shopping? Are you neutral and can take or leave it? This module is about shopping and how to "shop smart". Once you have completed this section – the next module - last but not least ...“Maintaining your Confident Style”

Module Twenty-five: Maintaining your Confident Style

(7.08 minutes)

Maintaining your confident style is something that you can always do year in and year out.  It is a matter of adjusting what fits with your lifestyle and all the other factors we have discussed in the previous modules.