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Mindy Testimonial
5 star

 “Not knowing what to wear and what everybody else is wearing, how do you stand out, and still be yourself? How do you still look corporate? I was really relieved to have Moana come along shopping with me, and point me in the right direction - Fashion tips, what works with my body style, and that kind of thing also helped along the way immensely, so thanks Mo.  ”

– Mindy Went

Nadine Testimonial
5 star

“Wonderful fun filled morning of discovery. Moana was a delight to spend time with and took the time to understand my business and personality before diving into her colour collection. She found a lipstick I loved plus her makeup didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes, AND... Moana even had my favourite coffee ordered and waiting when I arrived. Talk about being made to feel special! If you want some time that’s all about YOU, you’ve come to the right place.”

Nadine Beveridge

Sara Testimonial
5 star

“My wardrobe has less choice in it as was able to declutter once I knew what my colours were.  With less clothes it was so easy to see what to wear. The swatch to take shopping is so good.  Now I normally have an idea of what I want and then I know that what I am buying will suit me ”

- Sara Jaques

Janeen Testimonial
5 star

“I now know that I can eliminate certain styles and colours when I am shopping. I know that I am not wasting my time and money now buying the wrong things. Working with business women I want to create an impact when presenting and I feel good knowing that I am wearing the right colours and styles and that I am wearing what suits me not wearing clothes just because I have them”

– Janeen Vosper

5 star

“Had the blessed opportunity to meet with the beautiful Colour Consultant & Stylist Moana Robinson. I learned with her, all about my colours and styling for make up, clothes, shoes, bags, and hair. The time she spent with me was precious, and the workbooks she gave me have been tremendous. What I learned has revolutionised my wardrobe, and given me the confidence to always look my best now. Plus, I now have the colours I wanted to use for my personal branding too! Thank you Moana for an inspiring experience. Wishing you the best always.”

Lara Arden

5 star

“Ciao Moana, I finally got to go through the look boards, and WOW, what a great result. Need you in my life fulltime, haha. This is such a great service you provide. It has made me excited and confident in wearing n wearing these pieces now. Xx"

Anna Rossi

Theresa Testimonial
5 star

“Moana, is a breath of fresh air and a lifesaver when it comes to styling and the wardrobe. I recently received a personality styling session with Moana and her talent and passion for styling shines through. Moana was so supportive and helpful with advice that I could apply straight away and she not only was totally on point in regards to my personality but taught me much about myself in regards to clothing choices. As a busy woman, I like my shopping expeditions to be quick and Moana helped me to discover the styles of clothing that suit my personality. I feel that I am going to save so much time when it comes to shopping for clothes. Thank you so much Moana, I cannot recommend you enough”

Theresa FitzGerald

Emma Testimonial
5 star

“Great morning, learning about my style personality!

Thank you so much for the opportunity Moana, I feel more confident to look and feel my best.!”

– Emma List

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"I found it easy to communicate with Moana about my needs. And Moana was able to give me easy suggestions. Would highly recommend a session."

Rani So (Abundant Vision)
Andrew Testimonial

“Moana Robinson has a calm and collected disposition that made me feel at ease right from the first time we chatted. She has an innate ability to get me to a relaxed, hypnotic state easily and helped me install motivation and confidence. This has propelled me to take action in both my personal and career goals. She is a true professional and genuinely supports and empowers her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Moana as a life coach and hypnotherapist. ”

Andrew Low

“I saw Moana Robinson two weeks ago in regards to general health issues. After general information sharing she hypnotised me to stop drinking red wine and I haven’t had a glass since. I would recommend Moana to anyone trying to change their lifestyle and or bad habits. Thanks Moana I really appreciate the help. Regards, ”

Angie Testimonial

“Going to a Life Coach is like having a conversation like no other. You really have to be true to yourself to get the results. Moana digs deep to get you to really think about what it is you are wanting to achieve and how you can get there. She is truly an inspirational person and successful in a number of businesses. My business goals have taken shape because of her and I feel truly motivated after my coaching sessions.”

Gold Coast Qld
Kerri Testimonial


"I have always been curious of Archetypes and what they are about and how to make these connections with my own Archetypes. When I received my coaching in this area Moana really made me feel safe and nurtured through the process of going back to my past to identify all kinds of messages from my younger self. Being able to find these Archetypes has really joined my picture together and before I was puzzled and this coaching has allowed the clarity of why I am the way I am. This bring enormous peace to me and I can stand centred and focused on my goals with strength and purpose. What my favourite part of the session was to identify my Talent Archetype, this is because I’m really passionate business person and knowing my Talent Archetype really supports my business to be the best it can be. My investment into this coaching has really allowed me to be stronger and also giving me strength to the core in these relationships with my Archetypes. I feel now that I have a circle of trust and I will have support moving myself through to setting up a successful business. My Archetypes are: Innocent Adventurer, Creative Nurturer, The Knight & Ruler. My Talent Archetype is Innocent Adventurer. Thank you to Mo for joining my dots. So appreciative of working along side such an intuitive Life Coach."
Edens Landing

"Hi Mo, I meant to send you this photo some time ago and let you know that I loved reading your book! My little Gypsy was rather put out that I wouldn’t put your book 'Teddy's Revenge' down! — Much love 😘 "

Ally Matthews
Rebecca Testimonial


"I came to see Moana as I was unsure what colours suited me. Since my consultation I now know why some people commented "you are looking tired" or "that shirt looks nice" and not "that shirt looks nice on you". On three separate occasions I had people say this to me (and they were three individuals). I realised I had been wearing black on all three occasions. I did learn at my consultation that black is not one of my colours. I removed all colours that weren't in my palette from my wardrobe (especially black). Now, I only ever receive compliments on how well, fresh and youthful I look. I have a greater level of confidence and a sense of relief knowing that whatever colours I wear they will always suit my hair, eyes and skin colour to help me to always look my best.
Plus ... I have also completed the B Styled online course from the B Styled website. Listening to Moana’s perspective and enlightening words during the course made a positive impression and provided me with a better outlook on life. Moana’s genuine and caring nature was reassuring while going through the modules, which covers personal style, mindset, physical health, nutrition and so much more, so thank you Moana."
Rebecca Stoneman
Public Health Professional, Gold Coast

"I have to say loving your book. I can’t put it down."

Dental Nurse

"Hi Moana! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you yesterday. It has been a huge insight for me. What a great way to spend my birthday. Thanks again."

Dental Nurse

"I’ve only just met Moana Robinson, but I feel like I’ve known her for years. After attending a BE STAGE READY workshop on the weekend, I now know why she has the great reputation on the Gold Coast for her knowledge of Style and Colour Consultation to enhance your personal style and business brand. Let Moana’s passion help take away the overwhelm of shopping for the right clothes for you. A very enjoyable afternoon at her space in Southport. Thanks."

Denna Szwajkowski
National Marketing Director