Moana Robinson, The Sassy Stylist, loves travelling and meeting people. She is a passionate interviewer who brings you the captivating Take A MOment Podcast. Inspired by the unforgettable television series "Front Up," Moana embarked on a journey to connect with diverse individuals from all walks of life, weaving a magnificent tapestry of human experiences.

In these engaging Take A MOment chats, Moana delves deep into the wisdom of her guests, enabling others to share in their remarkable stories and gain valuable insights. Her genuine fascination lies in conversing with resilient women who have triumphed over challenges, carving out their own path to a fulfilled existence. These women have not only persevered but have also emerged stronger, their stories serving as beacons of inspiration.

We all face our unique set of trials, and it is through our distinctiveness that we have much to learn from one another. Embrace the opportunity to be part of "Take A MOment" and share your extraordinary journey with Moana. Reach out to her now to add your voice to this empowering platform, where the power of storytelling unites us all.

Episode 18: " Discovering Lost Identity" - Journey to transformation with Christine Innes "the Corporate Escapist”

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Discovering Identity: Christine Innes' Unveiled Story" delves into the transformative journey of Christine Innes, founder of The Corporate Escapist.

Hosted by Moana Robinson, this episode explores Christine's resilience in overcoming life-altering challenges, including health issues, toxic relationships, and financial turmoil. Amidst adversity, Christine navigates an identity crisis, shedding societal roles to rediscover her true self.

From corporate executive to life coach, publisher, and magazine founder, Christine's story is a testament to the power of resilience and self-discovery. Tune in for inspiring insights on reclaiming purpose and living authentically.

Discover more about Christine Innes at ⁠⁠,⁠ ⁠

Episode 17: "Moving Made Easy - A Candid conversation about menopause, challenges and living a healthy life with Kym McCauliffe Phillips "the Moving Angel”

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Moana Robinson chats to Kym McAuliffe Phillips about her challenges with menopause, serious injury and how she overcame these challenges. Kym has not only triumphed but has also brought a touch of warmth, energy, and passion to the removals industry.

As a second-generation mover, Kym grew up amidst the success of McAuliffe’s Removalists & Storage. With over 30 years of experience in various facets of the removals industry, including roles in Government Departments and private companies, Kym is a seasoned professional.

Her commitment to providing good old-fashioned service with a flexible approach for the modern world sets her apart. Join us as we explore Kym's journey, her insights into the industry, her personal and professional challenges and the unique blend of tradition and innovation she brings to make every move a seamless experience.

Kym McAuliffe Phillips can be contacted at or

Episode 16: “Be a Peacock in a World Full of Ducks" - Embracing individuality - Featuring Rita Barbagallo

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Join Moana Robinson as she dives into the inspiring life of Rita Barbagallo (also known as "Barbee Barb), an exceptional mindset coach, international motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and emcee. With four published books under her belt, Rita is also the Director of Rita Barbagallo “The Red Peacock” and “Barbee Barb.” As a childrens entertainer and magician she has inspired and helped others as well.

Rita's infectious energy and positive outlook stem from overcoming a significant health challenge in her younger years. She firmly believes in the power of positive thinking, emphasizing the abilities of mindset and manifestation to create incredible outcomes from challenging situations.

Beyond her motivational work, Rita is a multifaceted individual. As a talented artist, she not only uses her skills for personal expression but also as the creative force behind her luxurious cosmetics brand, "The Red Peacock." Rita's diverse interests extend to riding motorcycles and managing a collection of shops that offer everything from coffee to decor, shoes, and clothing.

Adding to her unique repertoire, Rita is a psychic medium, making her podcast conversations fascinating and thought-provoking. Despite her glamorous lifestyle, she humorously acknowledges that most people in her area know her as the 'Barbie' lady.

Rita's supportive husband, Sal, embraces her individuality, He also fondly refers to her as 'unstoppable'. As Rita has entertained children and conducted magic workshops worldwide, she expresses no plans for retirement, asserting, 'I'd be an old duck before I give up.' Rita's commitment to spreading joy and laughter remains unwavering as long as she can see and hear.

For those inspired by Rita's story or interested in reaching out, she can be contacted on Linkedin,on her website, or

Episode 15: “Beyond Fashion” Redefining Style and Inclusion - Featuring Jessie Sadler and Carol Taylor from Adaptive Clothing Company Christina Stephens

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Join host Moana Robinson in a captivating conversation with Jessie Sadler and Carol Taylor, the visionary minds behind Christina Stephens. In this exclusive interview, delve into the unique journey of these two designers, whose passion for fashion stems from their personal experiences with disability.

Jess and Carol's venture into adaptive fashion was sparked by a pivotal moment – a fall that left Jess's stylish mother, Christine, unable to dress herself. This incident propelled Jessie to establish Christina Stephens in the challenging year of 2020. Fast forward to 2022, where Jess invited Carol to join as Partner and Lead Designer, and together, they made history on Australia's inaugural adaptive clothing runway at Afterpay’s Australian Fashion Week, using Carol's wheelchair as a symbolic battering ram to open doors that had been closed to the disability community for decades.

Carol Taylor, a fashion enthusiast before her spinal cord injury, shares her personal struggle with limited, unfashionable clothing options for people with disabilities. She sheds light on the isolation and impact on mental health caused by being excluded from the fashion conversation. Christina Stephens emerges as a beacon of change, not only enhancing the wardrobe choices for individuals with disabilities but also challenging stereotypes with colorful, elevated designs and smart innovations.

Discover how Christina Stephens is not just a fashion brand but a catalyst for health improvements in the lives of the 1 in 5 Australians forgotten by the fashion industry. Jessie and Carol, driven by their commitment to mental and physical well-being, design on-trend clothing that goes beyond style – addressing issues like pressure sores, temperature control, nerve pain, sensory concerns, and discreet accessibility for catheters, colostomy bags, or prosthetics.

At the heart of Christina Stephens lies a design philosophy shaped by constant interaction with the disability community, seeking feedback and making improvements based on their input. Jessie and Carol's mission is clear: to empower people with disabilities with the choice to wear what they want, to be included, heard, and, above all, seen. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that transcends fashion, challenging preconceptions and celebrating the power of choice in adaptive style.

You can discover more about Christina Stephens and Jessie Sadler here Website:

Instagram: @shopchristinastephens 


Episode 14: “From Trauma to Empowerment” How a multiple sexual assault survivor thrived, fights against misconceptions and informs the community about keeping safe - Featuring Michelle Sleight

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Welcome to another inspiring episode of "Take A MOment." In Episode 14, titled "From Trauma to Empowerment," we delve into a remarkable story of resilience and transformation. Join Moana Robinson in an engaging conversation with the incredible Michelle Sleight as they explore the journey from trauma to empowerment.

In this episode, Michelle shares her personal journey as a multiple sexual assault survivor, highlighting her incredible strength and her dedication to raising awareness about the impact of sexual assault trauma. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and she has emerged as a fierce advocate for survivors.

Moana and Michelle discuss the crucial importance of being informed, prepared, and taking care of oneself and loved ones in the face of such adversity. Michelle's courage and tenacity shine through as she now dedicates her life to coaching others who have experienced similar trauma. Her insights and candid honesty are both empowering and informative, making this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking resilience and empowerment.

Michelle's personal growth journey is a testament to the human spirit's ability to heal and thrive. In this episode, she generously shares her experiences, demonstrating how one can overcome trauma and transform it into a source of strength and purpose. She challenges misconceptions about sexual assault and has even set a legal precedent, making a significant difference in the lives of others.

For those who wish to connect with Michelle and benefit from her wisdom, she can be reached through her LinkedIn profile at Additionally, you can contact her via email at Michelle is a sought after speaker and coach who passionately shares her knowledge in an open and informative manner, offering valuable support to those in need.

Tune in to this episode and be inspired by Michelle's remarkable journey from trauma to empowerment. It's a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of resilience. Don't miss it!

Episode 13: "Cancer Had Me On My Knees" How A 38 Year Old Changed Her Life After Shock diagnosis - Featuring Angelica Alen

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Moana Robinson chats with Angelica Alen, a resilient woman who faced a formidable challenge at the age of 38 when she received a stage 3 bowel cancer diagnosis. As a devoted wife and mother of two young children, Angelica underwent major surgery and intensive treatment to overcome this adversity, emerging not only as a survivor, but as a thriver.

Today, Angelica has channelled her remarkable journey into a mission to assist others in taking control of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, empowering them to craft their dream lives. Armed with practical and accessible tools, Angelica's insights and experiences serve as a guiding light for those seeking to transform their lives.

Her dedication to this cause is evident through her educational achievements, including a Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences. Angelica firmly believes in the concept of holistic wellness, recognizing that we are complete beings, each requiring a personalised and comprehensive plan to attain health and live life on our own terms.

Tune in to this inspiring conversation as Angelica shares her wisdom and expertise, offering a roadmap for all who aspire to reclaim their health and embrace a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Angelica Alen recently published her first book titled "Radical Ownership - Take Your Power Back", which is available on Amazon. She can be contacted on her website or through Linkedin

Episode 12: "From Adversity to Authorship" A Woman's Triumph Over Grief, Divorce and Career Transition - featuring Wendy Trevarthen

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In this powerful interview, Moana sits down with Wendy Trevarthen, a remarkable woman who has faced not one, but three life-altering challenges with unwavering strength and determination.

Wendy's life took an unexpected turn at the young age of 17, when her father fell critically ill, leaving him quadriplegic and dependent on others for even the most basic tasks, like breathing. This once-heroic figure who had been the backbone of their family was now in need of constant care and support. Despite the adversity, Wendy's family rallied around her father, providing love and care throughout his struggle, but he unfortunately did not recover and lived with severe disabilities until his passing at just 57 years old.

At the tender age of 25, Wendy was already a wife and mother, and she found herself navigating yet another challenging chapter as her marriage fell apart. Determined to persevere, Wendy embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, including overcoming weight loss challenges and facing hurdles in her nursing career. Along the way, she battled with issues of self-esteem, confidence, and life balance, while learning to love and trust again in the midst of heartache.

Throughout her journey, Wendy turned to writing as a form of therapy and empowerment. She penned two inspiring books, "Dear Nurse Me - Reflections" and "Midlife Mojo - You're 50 Cut the Crap," using her experiences to uplift and inspire others. Her resilience and ability to conquer adversity have been key factors in her journey toward achieving her goals.

Today, Wendy's life is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of fulfillment in a world dominated by materialism. Embracing simplicity and cherishing the beauty of each day, she has found happiness with her partner and a new career, radiating positivity and hope to all who come in contact with her.

Join us as Wendy Trevarthen shares her journey of triumph over grief, divorce, and career transitions. Discover the strength that lies within all of us to rise above life's challenges and find true fulfillment. To learn more about Wendy and her inspiring story, visit her at

Episode 11: "We Are All Different Really" The Magic of Inclusion featuring Julie Fisher

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Join Moana in an inspiring and heartwarming conversation with acclaimed book author, Julie Fisher. In this captivating podcast episode, Julie shares her deeply personal journey as a mother to Darcy, her wonderful son born with Down Syndrome.

Through her candid storytelling, Julie reveals the profound decision she made to nurture Darcy's life with love, meaningful experiences, and unwavering positivity. As she delves into the world of disability, Julie provides valuable insights and wisdom, touching the hearts of all listeners.

Prepare to be uplifted as Julie recounts the discoveries she and her family have made along the way, guided by Darcy's unique presence. This extraordinary young man has not only enriched their lives, but also taught Julie invaluable skills to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

Having authored three powerful books, including the Amazon Best Seller "The Unexpected Journey," "The Magic of Inclusion," and "From the Hearts of Mums," Julie's impactful words continue to inspire countless readers worldwide.

If you're seeking an enriching and heartening tale of love, growth, and embracing the unexpected, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Discover Julie Fisher's remarkable story and connect with her on Facebook and her website ⁠⁠ to embark on an unforgettable journey of compassion and strength.

Episode 10: "Transforming Body and Mind" From "Forever Fat to Happy and Healthy" Featuring Katie Gordon

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Katie Gordon who had been suffering and overweight for 25 years is now in her 50s and is in the prime of her life, mentally, emotionally and physically. She is not winding down and thinking about retirement instead she is "winding up" and looking ahead at what she can build and experience for the next 40+ years. 

Katie had put on 20 kgs when I was 21 and spent the next 25 years and over $100,000 trying to get it back off. Katie went through all the yo yo dieting, pills and many different systems. Sometimes she lost the weight and sometimes she didn't. She did all the right things too but the weight never stayed off until her discovery 12 years ago. She came to a realisation which enabled her to keep that weight off. She is now living a joyful and happy life free from dieting and constant struggles with her weight.

Katie now shares what it takes to lose that weight and keep it off. Katie Gordon shares her knowledge through online courses and also has a podcast. Discover more about Katie Gordon and Dietless Living through her website or she is very active on

Episode 9: "Embracing Change" Unleashing Your Potential for a Life of Passion and Purpose" Featuring Faizey Greaves

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Moana Robinson talks with Faizey Greaves, a remarkable woman who, at 71 years old, has overcome the challenges faced by women over 50 and achieved a fulfilling life. As a transformative coach at Transform Your Life Coaching, Faizey shares her inspiring journey of overcoming the fear of change.

At 63, she lost her job, which left her feeling purposeless and directionless. Having immigrated to Australia at the age of 19, she faced immense difficulties, including her father's severe illness during the journey. Feeling scared and alone in a foreign land, Faizey encountered various setbacks and struggles throughout her life, including a major relationship breakdown.

However, these experiences have made her stronger, more resilient, and deeply empathetic towards her clients. Hear how Faizey took her first steps to embark on a journey of finding her passion and purpose, Faizey transformed her life and pursued a career in coaching. Through her expertise as a Passion and Purpose Coach, having studied Matrix Therapies with Andrew Low, Faizey now specialises in helping others who may feel lost and lacking direction.

As a proud grandmother, she finds immense joy in her family and is dedicated to assisting others through her coaching business. To learn more about Faizey and benefit from her wisdom, visit her website at

Join us as we discover Faizey's valuable tips for women who are seeking guidance and a renewed sense of purpose.

Take A MOment Episode 8- "Beyond Limitations" Featuring Lisa Cox

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Moana Robinson talks with Lisa Cox, an award-winning writer, Tedx speaker, author, motivational speaker, consultant, wife, model, and activist, who has an impressive following of almost 100,000 devoted supporters across various social platforms. Lisa Cox an extraordinary individual who has made it her mission to champion disability visibility and inclusivity. This is an incredible episode describing Lisa's story and her keys to dealing with challenges in life, She has overcome huge trauma and provides valuable insights into how she dealt with those challenges.

In 2005, at the age of 24 Lisa Cox was rushed to hospital after she collapsed at Melbourne Airport. Tests and scans revealed a significant bleed in her brain caused by a rare strain of the streptococcus-A virus, which resulted in her internal organs shutting down, one by one. She spent three weeks in a coma and two months on life support. Priority had to be given to saving Lisa's vital organs and her extremities had turned gangrenous. There were initial concerns that she could lose both legs and one arm. Surgeons did amputate nine fingertips, all of her toes and one leg. The permanent damage to her brain has affected Lisa’s speech and memory, left her 25% blind, epileptic and frequently fatigued.

Lisa is a member of Media Diversity Australia and works with journalists and communications professionals to ensure the media better reflects the diverse community it serves. Her work has been published both nationally and internationally for publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, FOX, Vogue, CBS and and Huff Post.

With an extensive background in media, Lisa possesses a deep understanding of the news cycle and a keen appreciation for the intricate process of crafting stories under tight deadlines. Lisa brings a unique perspective that bridges the gap between disabled and non-disabled audiences, allowing her to effectively relate to and connect with both groups.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia, Lisa's invaluable expertise and unwavering dedication to the cause of disability advocacy make her the perfect guest for today's informal discussion.

Get ready for an inspiring and uplifting conversation as Lisa talks about her remarkable journey into the crucial work she has accomplished in fostering disability visibility. Lisa speaks about her life, her favourite pastimes and how her business is now helping companies realise the importance of including people with disabilities. This is an almost 20% portion of the market share that many companies are missing out on in their advertising and marketing.

Lisa's work has been published both nationally and internationally for publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, FOX, Vogue, CBS and and Huff Post.

You can find out more about Lisa Cox, her inspiring story and the work she does at, and has a Tedx Talk "Why Embracing Diversity is Good for Business"

Take A MOment Episode 7- "From Depressed and Suicidal to Inspiring Global Good News" Featuring Aldwyn Altuney - The Media Queen

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Take A MOment with Moana Robinson as she chats with Aldwyn Altuney who is a mass media marketing expert. She's known as the media queen. Aldwyn is a TV host, speaker, an author of multiple books. We all have our ups and downs through the roller coaster ride of life. Aldwyn grew up in Sydney as a first-generation Australian. She has Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian heritage and has a Welsh name. She was bullied as a child and I never felt she belonged when growing up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She found other children to be incredibly cruel and also grew up seeing a lot of animal cruelty. She used to get her anger out on the table tennis table and was a champion player. Se ran away from home many times and was kicked out of home as a rebellious teenager until she made the decision to change her life and environment. She worked her butt off, got into a media degree in Canberra and found the media a great way to share stories. Aldwyn has experienced many challenges in life. She found her passion through the media and now 30 years on has worked in TV, radio, print, freelance writing in magazines in Australia and overseas. After having four friends suicide by the age of 45 she is now inspiring more truth and good news in the world to help decrease depression and suicide rates. She started a Good News Day on the 8th of the 8th, 2018. Then through COVID, she started a global good news challenge which is all about sharing gratitude and good news through the mass media to lift the energy on the planet and decrease depression and suicide rates.

Aldwyn can be contacted through her many channels, social media and website on

Take A MOment Episode 6- "Keep the Sun on Your Back" - featuring Amelia Olsen, Author of "Dirt and Dust" by Amelia Olsen and Riley Olsen, exploring the topics of suicide, tenacity and living life to the full

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Amelia Olsen’s debut book, ‘Dirt and Dust’, explores the topics surrounding suicide after the loss of her husband. It is narrated by her eighteen-year-old son, Riley, on their 1,400km, seven-day motorbike ride adventure, which takes them from Cairns to Cape York.

Amelia’s hilarious, yet heart-warming struggle to complete the physical challenges of the ride, along with Riley’s attempt to comprehend the loss of his father, makes a tough topic an easy read. Amelia chats with Moana about the book, the short movie created about her son as the "Bore Runner" and how that came about, as well as her experiences as a teacher and principal of a country school.

This podcast interview is rich, full of humour, wisdom, experience and some touching stories about Amelia's experiences from the 1.400km bike ride, her difficult time during the passing of her husband, dealing with children growing up and leaving the nest, an amazing trek with some other women riding camels, and horses in Mongolia. Amelia shares happy and sad experiences and how to thrive and grow through challenges which have occurred especially in her profession as an educator and as a Mum of two wonderful young adults.

Amelia Olsen's website to see her book Dirt and Dust by Amelia Olsen and Riley Olsen

Amelia Olsen's Facebook Page and

Watch The Desert Bore Runner on You Tube starring Riley Olsen, directed by Amelia Olsen with original music by Alison Jensen, edited by Mary Allen.

Take A MOment Episode 5- "A Glorious Adventure" featuring Joann Grochowski - The Second Half of Life is all about "taking control of your own ship"

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Joann Grochowski bought her motorbike just before her 65th birthday, has just finished building her gorgeous house in Michigan USA at almost 70 years of age and has five grandchildren. Joann was a self confessed "major control freak" and realises now that this is the time to stop following the rules and to do whatever she pleases. By releasing that "control" she felt a major weight lifted from her shoulders.

Listen now to discover how Joann "unlearned some traditions" and cast aside some burdens that she was carrying. She says "if not now then when?" Joann openly describes how she lives an inspired and fulfilled life appreciating everyday miracles. After experiencing many of life's challenges Joann overcame these and realised was given a second chance at life to live it differently. The emotional and physical pain was there and she describes how she now lives a healthier and happier life. So many tips and open advice to others.

Joann has been counselling people for a while and is now embarking on her life coaching journey. She has a blog website and is also on You Tube: @joanngrochowski7333 , TikTok:, Facebook: Stop Fighting Life, Instagram: stop_fighting_life

Take A MOment Episode 4- Re-Purposing After Retirement with Sally Edwards

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Retiring after 42 years as a teacher has not been easy for Sally Edwards and she went through a period of not knowing what to do with herself. She has a very supportive husband and two sons who wondered how she would get along after leading such a busy working life.

Sally used to dread the question of what she would be doing after retirement as she really had not thought about it until the time came. Sally talks about a kind of grieving process which took a while to get through. She now leads a fulfilling life and enjoys travel as she always has done.

She speaks about how she coped with that time in her life which had its challenges and knows that many women would experience a similar feeling.

Episode 3 - What Inspires You? A short Moana MOment chatting about inspiration with a tip to unlock your creativity

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A short Moana MOment which may get you thinking about what you enjoy and how this enjoyment could lead to something else.

Have you thought about where inspiration comes from? Listen to this short "Moana MOment" where Moana Takes a MOment to chat about her inspiration for creating this podcast. Inspiration can come from many areas of life including places, people, music, photography or even a moment in time when it strikes you that you would like to do something even more creative.

Moana has a tip to trigger that inspiration. Sometimes it is all you need to get started on a project. Harness your curiosity and then stimulate your creativity.

Contact Moana to find out more or to join her in taking a MOment ⁠

Episode 2 - The Journey from 'We' to 'Me' featuring Angela De Palma - Discovering Creativity After Marriage Break-up.

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Angela De Palma founder of She Simply Impacts shares the story of how she discovered herself. Her creativity after her husband left the marriage. Angela had been married for fifteen years and ran a business with her husband. After the marriage breakup Angela had a huge journey of self discovery.

Hear all about Angela's healing journey and how she re-discovered herself. Angela describes how she saw herself as this "loyal wife" who was in denial. And she didn't read the red flags.

Despite the emotional pain, Angela realises she is so much more empowered. She discovered that she was not a follower but is a leader. Angela created a vlog about cooking, acquired more personal development skills. She is now a coach with her own thriving business.
Angela has gone from strength to strength. She realises now how much her self-worth had been diminished when in that relationship. It took a lot of courage and self-awareness to get to where she is now. She is very excited about She Simply Impacts and the transformation members are getting as a result of having the courage to bring her vision to life.

She Simply Impacts is a transformational online group coaching and events community for one million female leaders, caring impact-driven women and women in survival desperate to thrive. This platform is available now for affordable professional and personal development.

The purpose of She Simply Impacts is to facilitate healing, confidence, career and business advancement, leadership, self-care, fun, income and collaboration through philanthropy.
Angela De Palma can be contacted at

Episode 1 - "From Living Hell to Living Well" featuring Heidi Jennings from Jennings Holistic Health

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Take A Moment with Moana Robinson as she chats with Heidi Jennings who along with her husband published the book "From Living Hell to Living Well". Heidi’s health crisis left her bedridden and disillusioned with conventional medicine. But now, she turned her focus to healing naturally.

With supporting qualifications in life coaching and plant-based nutrition, she offers first-hand experience in guiding others towards vibrant health and vitality. Heidi describes what it was like during her journey through chronic illness and how she turned that pain and suffering into a blessing. She is an inspiring example of how perserverance and determination through tremendous health challenges led to the life she has now which is helping others.

Heidi and Steve Jennings assist many other people become the healthiest they have ever been. Take 15 minutes to listen to this journey. Learn how you too can overcome challenges to live your best life now. Contact Heidi Jennings at

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