B Styled for Life Living with Sass and Style Over 50


B Styled for Life - Living with Sass and Style Over 50

Discover Your Own Unique Sass and Style

The perfect gift also for yourself or anyone who is approaching their  "Fabulous Fifties"

Is this you or someone you know?

Are you a woman over the age of 50 who is feeling a bit lost? Have you fallen out of love with your body and wardrobe? Do you wish above all else you could feel confident and alive again? You are not alone, as this is what a lot of women experience as they move into their 50’s and beyond.

This must-read book by professional stylist and life-coach Moana Robinson, has been designed to empower you to take charge of this next stage of your life and rediscover your Sass and Style.

By now you have lived through many of life’s challenges and rewards. You have experienced highs and lows. You have loved and lost and maybe loved again. You may be wondering what is ahead and whether you are making the most of your life. You don’t want your lack of confidence to hold you back.

With just a few tweaks and small changes in your beliefs - and your wardrobe the most exciting part of your life journey is yet to come!

Your own personal style develops as you go through all the changes in life and even though you might not be a 25-year-old size 8, you can look and feel better than ever before.

The time has come now to recognize the opportunities that are before you and use these “Wisdom Years” to develop that SASS and STYLE that is uniquely yours and yours alone.  This book includes:

  • Confidence and practical life tips in the first half of the book from Moana as a qualified life coach
  • Styling know-how and practical information to sort your wardrobe and image
  • Top tips and tricks shared to make your life and style easier