Teddy's Revenge (New Release)

Teddy's Revenge (New Release)


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Have you had, or are going through challenges in your life?

Teddy's Revenge Book- A Story of How Life Challenges Make you Stronger.

Challenges in life are inevitable. This is the story of how life challenges can actually set you up for a stronger, more positive and wise life. You can live regretting the challenges you are faced with or use the experiences to gain wisdom and become stronger.

This book includes real life experience of personal challenges faced and overcome. The unpredictability of life means that the more prepared you are and stronger inside the better you will cope with anything. Moana shares her experiences in an honest and open way to share with others in the hope that they will learn what can be achieved




Reader Reviews

5 star

"Hi Mo, I meant to send you this photo some time ago and let you know that I loved reading your book!

My little Gypsy was rather put out that I wouldn’t put your book 'Teddy's Revenge' down!"

– Much love, Ally 😘

5 star

"Teddy's Revenge is a fantastic book about how Moana Robinson, an 🤩 amazing woman who dealt with life's challenges in a positive way to include Sass and Style.

There is nothing this beautiful lady can't do, she is inspiring and a woman who didn't give up."

Kym Phillips

5 star

"Moana …I sat down this afternoon and read this whole book.  Gosh you have been a very VERY brave girl…. but… what I love most about your story is how positive and upbeat you have remained :heart:

Thank you for sharing your story and all your positive quotes and love with us all.  Blessed " :pray::skin-tone-2:


5 star

“What an awesome and inspiring read. I’m not really a book reader but this one was a really great short read that I read in one sitting.
How good is it when you meet someone that turns the hiccups of life into a good lesson.
We love Moana, Teddy “Croc A Teddy” and the new girl Daisy!

Thank you Mo for being such an awesome friend, I didn’t realise how much you really went through you are a great inspirational gorgeous friend !!!!” 

Wendy and Bentley

5 star

“I just finished reading your book. It's so inspiring! I didn't realise the life and death challenges you had during the pandemic years. I got to know you better and really can relate to your values in life, especially honesty and integrity and compassion. Thanks for sharing. It's so relevant in time of life crisis like now. It's so heart warming with humour and wisdom... I love it.” :heart:

– Mary Liu