One of the initial big decisions you will have to make in creating your business is whether to build a personal or business brand. While a personal brand revolves around you personally, a business brand is created for your business, independent of your personal identity. There are certain situations that are best for personal branding and others that benefit business branding, as we will point out below.

When to Create a Personal Brand

You will most likely want to use your personal name for your brand of business when you want a flexible image. In other words, if you choose a personal brand and then later want to change your selection of services or products, it is easier to do so when the business is branded by your name; there is no need to change your business name in this instance. Also, if you have a one-person business then a personal brand is ideal. Examples are:

  • Expert speakers
  • Authors
  • Directors
  • Specialists

In these instances, the goal is about selling yourself as your business and gaining clients this way.

Is a Business Brand Better?

The answer depends on what type of business you have.   Although the brand of a business can be difficult to create, you may see benefits that you won’t get with a personal brand. To craft a good business name and brand, consider:

  • What products or services you will offer
  • Who is your target audience
  • What you want to be known for in your business.

Some great positives about a business brand is that you can:

  • Tell your target customer exactly what your business is about just from its name
  • Get people enthusiastic about what you’re offering right from the get go
  • When it is time to sell your business, which most owners will do at some point, it will be easier to sell it with a name that is not directly linked to you personally.

Finding the Best One for You

Use the above tips to help you determine whether a personal brand or business brand is best for you. Another option is to find a balance between personal and business branding by creating a business name and situating yourself as the authority behind it by speaking professionally, guest posting, and telling others personally about your company brand. Whatever you decide, personal brand or business brand the colours of your logo, the look and feel of your style is a very important aspect to consider.  A colour consultation will help clarify the signature colours to use in your logo , stationery, website and uniforms if this applies. If you would like to know about business branding and/or personal styling  please visit B Styled for Life’s  Personal Styling page, Contact Moana to fill in the form, or just call Moana on 1300 366 675.