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A Personal Gift Voucher can be tailored to suit

Gift Vouchers are a wonderful way to show appreciation, to show love and to give someone you care about an experience and something that they would really like. All gift vouchers can be tailored to suit. If there is a specific voucher you would like that is not listed please contact Moana and she can put something special together for you.

How to Purchase

Once you have decided on a voucher please add any notes in the payment section such as special messages and feel free to contact Moana with any other special instructions. Each voucher has information and you can even purchase these for yourself. The voucher will be posted to the address given.

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Gold Coast Personal Stylist, Moana Robinson
Personal Stylist, Moana Robinson

Gift Voucher | Style Day Unique Special Gift


See the information below.



The Style Day Especially for You is an ideal gift for that special someone for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas or just because they are loved.


  1. Full Colour Consultation- including makeup application and lesson plus Clothing Accessory and Makeup Guide and your own personal Colour Swatch to keep when choosing clothes.

  2. Fully Style Consultation- including advice on body shape and information on clothes, accessories, and shoes to wear to flatter your face and body shape. Also includes a comprehensive Style Personality and Style Type Assessment.

  3. Choice of Two-hour Shopping or Two-hour Wardrobe Audit.

  4. Hair Style Advice and Hair Appointment which will be on the day of your session.

  5. 30 min Photography Session with an award-winning photographer, Sumiko Eyears of Sumico Photography which includes a high-resolution image of your choice.

Gift Voucher | Introduction to Colour and Style


1 hour online 1-1 session

See the information below.



One to one conversation discussing all aspects of colour and style with the ability to ask questions and advice with any concerns regarding wardrobe and outfits.


  • This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about style and ways to highlight your best features and make the most of time with a qualified image consultant who is very interested in helping you achieve your style goals.

  • Feel free to use this time to ask about outfits for special events or any garments in your wardrobe which you would like an opinion on

  • Make a list prior to your appointment of all the aspects of colour and style that you would like to discuss

  • All conversations are completely confidential and you can be assured of  a friendly, professional and caring service

  • Invitation to be included in a private group if you wish to find out more tips and be part of a private and supportive community (completely optional)

Gift Voucher | Discover Your True Colours


  • 1.5 hour online 1-1 session

  • makeup advice

  • colour swatch

  • personal booklet

See the information below.



Moana has been assisting many women discover their best or “true” colour palette for personal and branding purposes.  It is a smart move to consult a personal stylist for a colour analysis before selecting website, business card and business logo and stationery colours.  For many small businesses today the owner’s personality shines through as part of their business and a personal stylist can assist with this.

Service includes:

  • Analysis of colours to suit skin tone, hair colour and eye colour

  • Advice on clothing accessories, make-up and hair to suit personal colouring

  • Opportunity to purchase make-up recommended for your colour at special prices should you wish to purchase

  • Comprehensive personalised booklet covering all aspects of your personal colour system is sent as a PDF so that you can refer to it on your phone or computer

  • Colour swatch containing approximately 50 colours including neutrals to suit your personal colouring

  • *Even held online these sessions are extremely accurate and special attention is paid to ensuring you as the client understand all aspects of your colour analysis and why certain colours suit and why some are not as flattering

  • *Online sessions are held via zoom at a time convenient to you.

  • Invitation to be included in the B Styled VIP Club if you wish to find out more tips and be part of a private exclusive and supportive community (completely optional)

Gift Voucher | Style Personality and Type


This package includes; 

  • online 1-1 consultation
  • comprehensive reports

Gift Voucher | Personal Shopping


This package includes; 

  • pre session consultation
  • two hours personal shopping

Gift Voucher | Wardrobe Audit


This package includes; 

  • two hours wardrobe audit

Customer Reviews

Janeen Testimonial
5 star

“I now know that I can eliminate certain styles and colours when I am shopping. I know that I am not wasting my time and money now buying the wrong things. Working with business women I want to create an impact when presenting and I feel good knowing that I am wearing the right colours and styles and that I am wearing what suits me not wearing clothes just because I have them”

– Janeen Vosper

Theresa Testimonial
5 star

“Moana, is a breath of fresh air and a lifesaver when it comes to styling and the wardrobe. I recently received a personality styling session with Moana and her talent and passion for styling shines through. Moana was so supportive and helpful with advice that I could apply straight away and she not only was totally on point in regards to my personality but taught me much about myself in regards to clothing choices. As a busy woman, I like my shopping expeditions to be quick and Moana helped me to discover the styles of clothing that suit my personality. I feel that I am going to save so much time when it comes to shopping for clothes. Thank you so much Moana, I cannot recommend you enough”

Theresa FitzGerald

Nadine Testimonial
5 star

“Wonderful fun filled morning of discovery. Moana was a delight to spend time with and took the time to understand my business and personality before diving into her colour collection. She found a lipstick I loved plus her makeup didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes, AND... Moana even had my favourite coffee ordered and waiting when I arrived. Talk about being made to feel special! If you want some time that’s all about YOU, you’ve come to the right place.”

Nadine Beveridge

Sara Testimonial
5 star

“My wardrobe has less choice in it as was able to declutter once I knew what my colours were.  With less clothes it was so easy to see what to wear. The swatch to take shopping is so good.  Now I normally have an idea of what I want and then I know that what I am buying will suit me ”

- Sara Jaques

Mindy Testimonial
5 star

 “Not knowing what to wear and what everybody else is wearing, how do you stand out, and still be yourself? How do you still look corporate? I was really relieved to have Moana come along shopping with me, and point me in the right direction - Fashion tips, what works with my body style, and that kind of thing also helped along the way immensely, so thanks Mo.  ”

– Mindy Went

Emma Testimonial
5 star

“Great morning, learning about my style personality!

Thank you so much for the opportunity Moana, I feel more confident to look and feel my best.!”

– Emma List