Make a Difference | Business Image

Show that you care by thinking about business image.

Caring about your business image is smart.  As well as identifying the type of business you are in it does help with that first impression if your clients can identify you with your business.  If you are an accountant and turn up for an appointment wearing board shorts and a T shirt how seriously do you think the client would take your business?  If you sell surf boards and turned up for a business meeting you still may dress differently to the accountant.  Not in board shorts and a T shirt.  Board shorts are for the weekend and “time off”.  Smart casual would be more appropriate such as good pants and a collared shirt depending on the situation and type of meeting.

To be taken seriously and to charge for your time and services it is respectful to your clients to show up to a business meeting dressing for that occasion.

Your own personal style can definitely be incorporated into your business and it  is a positive if you can incorporate this into your branding.  This can even be done consciously so that people identify your style with your business for all the right reasons.

Clean tidy attire and  attention to detail all counts for that all important great first impression.  Even if you love to dress casually and your business does not fit with wearing  suits or shirt/tie or formal business attire my advice would be to consider the following

  • Branding with a colour scheme for your business image that resonates with you and maybe having some garments embroidered with your logo.  It does not have to feel like a work “uniform” as you could have a variety of different garments that you wear to work
  • Make sure your business image is a change from what you would wear on your  days off and relaxing.  I am talking about really relaxing …  shorts, sweatshirts, singlets, thongs.
  • Think about the type of business you are in or even if you are a job candidate at a job interview – Think about the type of work you do in your business, or will be doing at the job you are applying for and dress accordingly.  Make sure how you dress is congruent with this.
  • Professional sports trainers and Personal Trainers may be wearing their sports attire as this IS their business.  This would be appropriate dress for them.  Possibly a jacket to wear for meetings which goes with their normal training attire.
  • Think about the person you are meeting with and take this into account also.  It helps to build rapport if you can find out about the person you are meeting.  Also take into account the venue you are meeting in.

Imagine the guy in this photo has just had a business meeting with a new client.  He can't understand why he hasn't been taken as seriously as he would like to be.  Can you imagine the different reaction if he dressed in a tidy shirt with (or even without) a logo, a smart pair of trousers and some good shoes other than joggers.  He is good at what he does (lets say for example “a graphic artist”) . He has charged accordingly for his great work.  He cannot understand why he has difficulty in people seeing his value on first meeting.

Visual appearance does count.  It shows respect for your clients, yourself and your business.  You may be incredibly good at what you do so  why make things hard for yourself?  Create that all important good first impression and then the rest is providing that top business value to your clients.  You really can create a great image and still keep your personal identity. We do not need to sacrifice personal style and comfort for a great business image.
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