”The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” – Coco Chanel

Did you know there is more to colour than what actual colours suit you? During a colour consultation you will learn why certain colours suit you and why some don’t. It could also be to do with value contrast, texture and sheen of fabrics and so much more.  There are many aspects to this. It way more than whether you suit pinks or blues, browns or blacks or cream or white.

Once you learn more about hues, tints, tones and shade and why certain colours suit your skin tone your hair colour and eye colour you will understand why variations of each colour make such a difference.

Secret 1: Start with Your Undertone

Do you have a warm or cool undertones? This will determined whether you suit cream or white. If you have cool undertones you will look better in white and if you have warm undertone you will look better in cream. There are of course variations to this. It could be that you have more of a neutral colour base to your skin.

Secret 2: Know Whether Your Overall Value is Light or Dark

Many women wear clothes that are too dark for them if they are light in colouring. Also if they have an overall dark colouring light colours will not be flattering as they will not look congruent with what they are wearing. The goal is to have a balanced harmonious look all over.

Secret 3: Know Whether You Have High Contrast or Low Contrast?

Is there a big difference between your hair colour and your skin colour? Do you have dark eyes or light eyes? Have a look at this and then replicate this with your clothing.  If your eye colour, hair colour and skin colour are similar then you will be low contrast and it is good to wear clothing which has low contrast.

Secret 4: What To Wear if You Have a Lot of Colour in your Hair, Skin and Eyes

Women with red hair, blue eyes and white skin with freckles are going to look great with lots of different colours in their clothing. Women with neutral colour for example brown colour for their hair and brown eyes and tanned skin will look better wearing neutral colour for most of their clothing

Secret 5: What To Do If You Suit Clear Colours or Soft, Muted Colours

You will see someone who has soft, muted colouring to their skin looks so much better in soft muted colour in their clothing. Someone who has clear vibrant colour for their hair, skin and eyes will look best in colour for their clothing which is clear without tint, tone or shade added to it.

Secret 6: How Texture Relates to Clothing

Have you thought about how some women suit shiny fabric in their clothing and some women suit matt and textured fabric? This is because they either have smooth or shiny hair and skin or curly, textured hair and matt skin.  It is very interesting how much of a difference this makes. Many women don't understand this. Once their learn how much better it looks when they wear garments with shine, sheen or matt finishes with their particular skin type they look so much better. A lot of women naturally gravitate towards the colour that suits them and the texture of fabric which suits them. Sometimes they know what they like and don't really understand why they look a particular colour or texture in fabric. It is great to have an understanding of this and then women can make informed decisions and feel good about what they are wearing as it looks and feels congruent to them as an individual.

Many clients find a whole new world opens up once they know their true colours.

Some of the benefits of knowing your actual personal colours are:

  • You can emphasize the highlights in your hair
  • People will be drawn to your face and your eyes
  • It is easier to shop and plan your wardrobe
  • Personal and business branding is so much easier

If you would like to find out what colours suit you as well as learn more about contrast and how to utilise clothing in your wardrobe contact Moana for a no obligation chat as quite often it is a simple check you can do yourself to find out whether you are wearing the right colours.