How Do You Choose Glasses To Suit Your Face Shape?

Have you spent ages at the optometrists trying on so many pairs of glasses that you just don't know anymore which pair actually DOES suit your face shape? There are a lot of frames to choose from. As well as all the different designer brands and budget frames there are:

  • Frame sizes
  • Styles
  • Frame colour
  • Frame Materials
  • Lens colour
  • Frame colour and weight,
  • Durability and flexibility.
  • Shape
  • Bridge position

Reading glasses are becoming part of everyday life of most adults.  Many of us are working from home or using a computer and reading or studying more than ever before. We have become even more reliant on some type of reading glasses.  Because reading glasses are seen straight away it is an important part of style to know if your glasses suit your face shape. A pair of reading glasses and also sunglasses can actually even be considered a way to highlight your features and show your sense of style and personality. It can be one of the trickiest choices to make for this very reason.

According to the Vision Council of America over half of all women wear glasses and 42% of men wear glasses. Apart from reading glasses about 85% of the American population wear sunglasses. Many famous people wear glasses and some of them wear glasses as a fashion accessory. Even Elton John didn’t need glasses at first. He wore them to copy his idol Buddy Holly. As he got older his eyesight worsened and by then it was part of his style.  In an article by Smooth Radio he claims to own 250,000 pairs.

The impact of this growing trend means that as an image consultant part of styling advice is to discuss face shapes and the style and type of reading glasses and sunglasses frames suit.  Sunglasses are also important to wear for eye health to prevent over exposure to UV rays. As well as reading glasses and sunglasses many people are starting to wear blue light glasses to prevent eye fatigue when using computer screens more than usual and sometimes later at night. These popular glasses are worth looking at.

Specsavers offer a wonderful service online so that you can try frames on virtually – Try it out for yourself here. This makes it so much easier to get an idea whether the frames will suit your face shape or not. When actually going to the optometrist take a friend or someone with you who can give you an honest opinion. Most optometrist staff are very happy to help and are trained in assisting with this. If you aren't sure you can ask them to take a photograph to ask someone you trust for a second opinion your Personal Stylist.

Below is a helpful list of the types of glasses to suit some of the more common face shapes:

Square face shape wearing glasses


The square face shape has strong angular lines. You have a strong jaw and it will be quite obvious your face shape is square. Square-framed glasses with rounded corners to soften will suit your face. The glasses should sit high on the face to soften the jawline.

oval face shape wearing glasses

Oval and Oblong

With the oval face shape or an oblong face shape (which is slightly longer). Just about any frames will suit the oval face shape. You can try angular or modern aviator frames. Make sure to take note of the size of your face and the size of the glasses. If you have a small face, keep glasses within the range of the sides of your face.

diamond face shape wearing glasses


Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and you have a narrow forehead and chin area. Frames which are deeper than they are wide will suit you.

Triangular Face Shape wearing glasses


The Triangular faces are widest on the bottom and narrow at the top. Look for glasses which are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom part of the frame.   You will suit aviator and cats eye frames.

heart face shape wearing glasses


The heart shaped face is sometimes referred to as the ‘Inverted triangle’. Your face will be wider at the temple and go down to a slightly narrower chin. You might have a widow’s peak, and if you think of an actual heart shape, you will see that shape when you pull your hair back. Glasses with delicate round or square frames with low sides are going to suit heart-shaped faces.

In summary

You can balance your face shape with your choice of glasses. For example:

  • Longer faces require deeper frames.
  • Ensure the glasses suit your face at the sides i.e. that they do not protude at the sides wider than your face.
  • Pay attention to details such as angles on the face as they angular frames will look best.
  • Curved facial features need curved frames.
  • Cool colours such as blues and grey lens suit cool complexions and
  • Warm colours such as browns suit warm complexions.
  • A low bridge on reading or sunglasses  can visually shorten a long nose.

For more information on colour, styling, body shapes or face shapes  contact Moana Robinson for a Style Consultation. There is also more information on these topics in the the book  B Styled for Life  -  Living with Sass and Style Over 50

Special Credit to: Jennifer Darr from Jen and Jennifer for the Illustrations in this article and also in the book B Styled for Life - Living with Sass and Style Over 50