Classic Style Personality

classic style personality

Timeless Elegance

The Classic Style Personality creates a timeless look and enduring elegance. Outfits are simple and streamlined. This is the most conservative of the style personalities. Garment colours are mainly neutral. Blues and blacks feature a lot with the Classic Style Personality. She always makes sure her clothes will not date too quickly.


Hair is neatly styled and always looks immaculate. The bob haircut is a  favourite hairstyle of the Classic Style Personality. It could be long or short. Sometimes hair will be in a neat ponytail.

At The Office

At work a Classic Style Personality woman will like to wear skirts and a shirt with trousers in plain colours. If she does wear patterns it could be stripes or checks. Polka dot is a favourite as well as other small prints.


Shoes will be court shoes or pumps with a heel or wedge and are usually in a plain colour to co-ordinate with her outfit. For winter boots are in neutral colours and have a stacked heel. Ankle boots are worn with jeans or pants.

The Latest Fashion

Wearing the latest fad or trend is not something a woman with a Classic Style personality worries about. She may purchase one or two items which are the latest fashion and team it with her staple garments.

Travelling and Capsules

Classic Style Personality women find it easy to pack. This is because everything will co-ordinate.  As a classic woman she loves neutral colours. This means mixing and matching with a print and scarves for travelling is easy. Capsule wardrobes are simple and even during the weekends clothing is neat and tidy.

Smart Casual is a Cinch

Even a pair of jeans worn with ballet flats or wedges are often worn with a striped or neutral coloured top or shirt. For the weekends coloured tops may be worn more frequently with a  casual jacket. Blazers are popular with the classic woman as are pinstriped shirts and the crisp white shirt with jeans or pants if she is going smart casual.

Do You Know if You Are A Classic Style Personality?

By completing this short five minute quiz  you can find out if you have a Classic Style Personality. This gives you a complimentary assessment from your results. It will help you understand your wardrobe more and why there may be certain garments you dont wear.

Find Out More

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