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Have you had, or are going through challenges in your life?

Challenges in life are inevitable. This is the story of how life challenges can actually set you up for a stronger, more positive and wise life. You can live regretting the challenges you are faced with or use the experiences to gain wisdom and become stronger.

This book includes real life experience of personal challenges faced and overcome. The unpredictability of life means that the more prepared you are and stronger inside the better you will cope with anything. Moana shares her experiences in an honest and open way to share with others in the hope that they will learn what can be achieved

Author Moana Robinson

B Styled for Life "Living with Sass and Style Over 50"



Realise Your Own Unique Sass And Style Over 50

The perfect gift also for yourself or anyone who is approaching their  "Fabulous Fifties"




Reader's Review

Shar Moore
5 star

“Sometimes you come across a book and you know it was written for you. Well Moana's book is one of them. B Styled for Life, living with sass and style over 50 has so many great points in it, that I think I highlighted nearly every page! She talks about the real life challenges we face as middle aged women, tips to navigate them and also ways to truly live a sassy life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is approaching 50 like I am, or well into those great years as we can all learn something from her book. Well done Moana!”

– Shar Moore, Author, Publisher and Keynote Speaker

5 star

“I love the way this book is written! Moana has used her many years in styling, coaching and life lessons to deliver a practical book filled with styling know how, action steps and activities designed to live with sass and style when you’re over 50! Interested in a style guide with a difference then this is the book for you!”

–  Toni Lontis, Author, TV and Radio Host

5 star

“I have read Moana Robinson’s book “Living with Sass and Style over 50” and would thoroughly recommend any female to read it.  I was riveted to it by page 17 and couldn’t put it down. It made me question myself, evaluate what and how I thought and decided to make some small changes which I have done.   If you get the chance, buy it and read it. You won’t be disappointed.”

Alison Andresen, NZ

5 star

“Wow, reading the book now. Oh my god!... they are all the words I say…Just wonderful. Every woman over 50 should read this book. It is a must read!

-  Julie Tengdahl – Award Winning Australian Fashion Designer/Artisan

5 star

 “Feeling good on the inside is just as important as looking good on the outside and this book covers it all with the Part 1 and Part 2 - It really is about styling from the inside out”

– Tina Litte, Virtual Assistant

5 star

“Thank you so much for writing your book.

I have got to the first chapter but already loving it!”

– Wendy Leach, Customer

Empowering Stories of Female Leaders Who Said Why Not


Including Postage

Shar Moore, Ronnie Benbow, Elena Gosse, Robyn Ratcliff, Karen McDermott, Moana Robinson, Michelle Scheibner, Susan Banhegyi, Karlie Scharfenberg, Catherine Wood, Kate Witteveen, Kylie Chapman, Cathy Feenan, Juanita Smith, Min Melgar, Lara Zelenka, Aldwyn Altuney, Michele Jones, Tanya Southey.

Their experiences, achievements and resilience will touch the heart of every reader and have them asking themselves the same question. YNot?

From the trauma of divorce and heartbreak, the emotional roller coaster of IVF and chronic anxiety to childhood stress, illness, and depression, this is a book about women empowering women.



How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life by Glen Murdoch


Including Postage


Short stories of Life Coaches who have taken the road from Victim to Victor

Glen Murdoch is the founder and CEO of The Life Coaching College. Glen is a former Teacher Of The Year award winner. He has a long history of working with Athletes and Teams as a Performance Coach and Heads up the program development at TLCC. Glen is an accredited Sports Psychologist who has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science and a Diploma of Education. He has been a leader in Educational Institutions in Australia, Dubai and England and has over 12,000 hours of teaching and training experience.


Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life
Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life

Moana Robinson - Author, Personal Stylist, Life Coach

I have been inspired to write this book because after going through many challenges in life I feel stronger now that I have ever been. These last two years during COVID have been challenging times. The book will be released at the end of 2021 and I hope that by sharing some of the experiences I have been through it can help other people who may have been in similar situations. No two sets of circumstances are alike. I know that as individuals we can all get though what life throws at us. It depends on what is going on inside a person and building that resilience is like building any other muscle in the body. I hope it inspires you to be the best version of yourself no matter what life throws at you, I hope it inspires you to get up and go again another day. The positives in life can outweigh the negatives.

Moana Robinson
Qualified Beauty Therapist, Image Consultant and Life Coach incorporating Passion and Purpose Coaching™