What People Say About Moana Robinson, the Sassy Stylist

"Not knowing what to wear and what everybody else is wearing, how do you stand out, and still be yourself? How do you still look corporate? I was really relieved to have Moana come along shopping with me, and point me in the right direction - Fashion tips, what works with my body style, and that kind of thing also helped along the way immensely, so thanks Mo.”

Mindy Went

"Had the blessed opportunity to meet with the beautiful Colour Consultant & Stylist Moana Robinson. I learned with her, all about my colours and styling for make up, clothes, shoes, bags, and hair. The time she spent with me was precious, and the workbooks she gave me have been tremendous. What I learned has revolutionised my wardrobe, and given me the confidence to always look my best now. Plus, I now have the colours I wanted to use for my personal branding too! Thank you Moana for an inspiring experience. Wishing you the best always.”

Lara Arden
Business Awards Coach and Copyeditor

"My wardrobe has less choice in it as was able to declutter once I knew what my colours were.  With less clothes it was so easy to see what to wear. The swatch to take shopping is so good.  Now I normally have an idea of what I want and then I know that what I am buying will suit me ”

Sara Jaques
Entrepreneur/ Consultant

"Mo is an absolute legend. Love her work. She is truly the Sassy Stylist. If you want to look & feel great, Mo is your lady 😀💖"

Aldwyn Altuney
Media Queen- TV host/ speaker/ mass media futurist mentor/ author/ Global Good News Challenge
"An outstanding experience far better than I had anticipated. I booked and completed Moana’s questionnaires nervously being a 66 year old lady who has never had any experience of styling to be “ the best me that I can be.” Moana settled me immediately into her salon and three hours later I left happy, confident and feeling that I had made a friend who genuinely wanted to support me and my hopes to age stylishly. I want reviewers to know Moana will make a huge, positive difference to your mental and physical outlook and appearance. Be kind to yourself- book an appointment."
Sally Edwards

"I found it easy to communicate with Moana about my needs. And Moana was able to give me easy suggestions. Would highly recommend a session."

Rani So (Abundant Vision)

"I’ve only just met Moana Robinson, but I feel like I’ve known her for years. After attending a BE STAGE READY workshop on the weekend, I now know why she has the great reputation on the Gold Coast for her knowledge of Style and Colour Consultation to enhance your personal style and business brand. Let Moana’s passion help take away the overwhelm of shopping for the right clothes for you. A very enjoyable afternoon at her space in Southport. Thanks."

Denna Szwajkowski
National Marketing Director

"Hi Mo, I meant to send you this photo some time ago and let you know that I loved reading your book! My little Gypsy was rather put out that I wouldn’t put your book 'Teddy's Revenge' down! — Much love 😘 "

Ally Matthews

"Teddy's Revenge is a fantastic book about how Moana Robinson, an 🤩 amazing woman who dealt with life's challenges in a positive way to include Sass and Style. There is nothing this beautiful lady can't do, she is inspiring and a woman who didn't give up."

Kym Phillips
Relocation Specialist

"Hi Moana! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you yesterday. It has been a huge insight for me. What a great way to spend my birthday. Thanks again."

Dental Nurse

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