If you’re feeling lost, flat and uninspired by life, you’re not alone.

If you’re lonely, disconnected from others and seeking a new path of inspiration in your midlife, you’re not alone.

If you’re struggling to find the confidence to walk out the door each day with your head held high, excited for the future, we understand.

As we enter our late 40s and early 50s, our life can drastically change.

Children move out. Relationships can end. Hormones wreak havoc.

But we all deserve a passion filled and purposeful life!

We deserve to feel seen, celebrated, inspired and excited to seize this second half of our lives.

Bel Brown
Bel Brown
As a woman who is constantly told "oh you're at that age" is deflating and demoralizing. Walking away from this session, I found a new confidence to hold my head up high and be proud of ME. Moana, has this presence that exudes professionalism, elegance and kindness. Thank you Moana - I cant wait for my next chapter
Kym McAuliffe Phillips
Kym McAuliffe Phillips
I’m so grateful to of had the lovely opportunity with Moana Robinson a Colour Consultant & Stylist who cares and wants all people to live their best life now. I’ve been curious about having my colours done since I meet Mo. I’m often intrigued about many things, turns out my style is Intriguing😂 I learned with her, all about my colours and styling for make up, clothes, shoes, bags, hair and even glasses🤓WOW The time she spent with me was invaluable, the colour swatch and workbook Mo gave me is fantastic to have and review when needed. Having Mo do my makeup 💄 was just beautiful and her products are so natural, no makeup was running down my face in the very hot humidity type weather🌞 This experience is not just for women, men or teenagers, many human beings will benefit from a session with this talented lady. I wish I’d had this done before high school, it’s great for confidence and to learn more about your very own special personality and style. I can now really see how Mo going shopping 🛍️ with you would be a real benefit and value added option. Thank you for this beautiful experience, you are a real expert and an inspiring women 🤩 Keep living your Y Mo you make our world a better place 👏
Megan Southon
Megan Southon
I can't recommend B Styled for Life enough! Moana's expertise and keen eye for colours helped me discover a whole new palette that complements my skin tone, eyes and hair. I left the consultation feeling confident and excited about updating my wardrobe. Moana's guidance has given me a fresh perspective on how to enhance my look with the right colours, and I'm genuinely looking forward to the shopping spree ahead.
Lara Arden
Lara Arden
Had the blessed opportunity to meet with the beautiful Colour Consultant & Stylist Moana Robinson. I learned with her, all about my colours and styling for make up, clothes, shoes, bags, and hair. The time she spent with me was precious, and the workbooks she gave me have been tremendous. What I learned has revolutionised my wardrobe, and given me the confidence to always look my best now. Plus, I now have the colours I wanted to use for my personal branding too! Thank you Moana for an inspiring experience. Wishing you the best always. 🥰
Heather Mitchell
Heather Mitchell
I needed to get an outfit for a conference I was jointly hosting, so I asked Moana to help me. Boy was I glad I did. We had an amazing experience, hitting the shops in Westfield Bondi. We first sat down in a café where she found out more about me and what I was looking to achieve. Then we went on a walkabout. It was such a fun, enlightening experience! Moana has a wealth of knowledge about what makes you look stylish, and she suggested clothes I wouldn’t have dreamt of looking at. It really taught me that you can’t judge an item by what it looks like on the hanger, and also the power of combining different items together. I was so happy with my new purchases and received a number of positive comments about my outfit during the conference. I’m left with a new look and direction for the clothes I can wear, and an excitement to add to the possibilities this knowledge can bring! So, if you need to find an outfit, or need to understand what kinds of clothes bring out the best in you (and who doesn’t need that?!) don’t hesitate to connect with Moana Robinson.
Lidia Lal
Lidia Lal
Moana is a miracle worker in my opinion. If you had no way of understanding what your style, positioning of your brand or your own personal colours are then she is the lady to make all of this happen. I had a memorable time working closely with her in our last retreat - her kind-hearted and beautiful spirit brings out the best in people and makes you feel special - thank you Moana for everything you did for us on the retreat and beyond.
Donna Rose McAneney
Donna Rose McAneney
I had such a great day with Moana and her team, @sumiko_Photography. It feels so empowering to have an image consultant "on my side". Moana's clarity, confidence and support of me while I learned about how to present my best self was like having my best & truest friend beside me. I especially valued the 'Wardrobe Audit'. I was able to let go of what doesn't work for me and expand upon some style options I had never considered. Fabulous. Moana really understood my need for the kind of clothing that i could wear while woking as a Movement Teacher and Therapist. I love what i do and its so important to be comfortable while i do what i love.
Madeleine Basquiat Green
Madeleine Basquiat Green
Moana has a wealth of knowledge and is elegant and kind. She will help you be the best that you can be, within a safe environment. I have no hesitation in recommending Moana to people wanting to discover and elevate their style.
Aldwyn Altuney
Aldwyn Altuney
Mo is an absolute legend. Love her work. She is truly the Sassy Stylist. If you want to look & feel great, Mo is your lady 😀💖

The challenge, as we enter midlife is to re-evaluate and re-calibrate:

What matters to us day to day (it’s different from when we were in our 20s and 30s)

What matters to us in terms of our values and interests (what inspires us to thrive)

How we present ourselves to the world, in our image, our energy and our passion

bsfl blue numbers 2When you successfully re-evaluate and re-calibrate these vital components, your life becomes exponentially more enjoyable.

You feel motivated, excited and ready to get the most out of each day.

You feel confident and beautiful in what you wear and how you express yourself visually.

You feel inspired to get fit, move more, see more people and do more things.

And the result of these changes to your life?

You’ll advance in your career.

You’ll attract more friends and loving relationships.

You’ll be the fittest and healthiest you’ve ever been.

You’ll gain more time in your day.

You’ll earn more money.

So how do we get started?

How do we achieve these changes for ourselves?


the Radiant Reinvention Program

So how do we get started?

How do we achieve these changes for ourselves?


the Radiant Reinvention Program

Moana Robinson's 10-Week Radiant Reinvention Program is your personalised journey to a more confident and stylish you. Here's a closer look at what you can expect:

Week 1

Introduction and Goal Deep Dive

Get acquainted with the program and its objectives.

A one-on-one session to understand your unique challenges, aspirations, and goals.

Dive into the Wheel of Life exercise to pinpoint the key areas of focus in your life.

Week 2

Unveiling Passion and Purpose

Utilise NLP techniques for deep self-discovery to uncover your passions and purpose.

Align your personal values with your newfound goals.

Live a life that feels authentic and be your best version.

Week 3

Discovering Your Colours

Explore the fascinating world of colour psychology and its impact on your confidence and style.

Receive your personalised colour swatch and an in-depth guide to your most flattering colours.

Week 4

Embracing Your Colours

Learn how to elegantly combine and pair your personalised color palette.

Understand why these colours enhance your appearance and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Week 5

Mastering Your Style

Relaxed Style Personality

Receive a detailed style consultation, considering your body shape, proportions, and facial features.

Discover your personalised style profile and psychological style type.

Address any style challenges and set your style goals.

Week 6

Unleashing Your Style

Receive your personalised style file and style guide.

Dive into your style profile and learn how to create outfits that express your individuality.

Get tips on mixing and matching clothing pieces to reflect your unique style.

Week 7

Wardrobe Transformation

Take part in a step-by-step wardrobe audit to assess your current collection.

Identify items that align with your new style and those that can be donated or updated.

Streamline your wardrobe to include pieces that truly resonate with you.

Week 8

Elevating Your Wardrobe

Discuss your wardrobe needs and identify any gaps.

Strategise on investing in versatile pieces that complement your style and lifestyle.

Receive a shopping list to complete your wardrobe gradually.

Week 9

Effortless Shopping

Pre-Loved Clothing

Receive personalised shoppable mood boards featuring curated fashion ideas.

Discuss how to incorporate these ideas into your existing wardrobe.

Browse garments and accessories online to make informed choices.

Week 10

Steps to Achievement

what is your style type feature

Discuss your wardrobe needs and identify any gaps.

Strategise on investing in versatile pieces that complement your style and lifestyle.

Receive a shopping list to complete your wardrobe gradually.

At the end of this transformative journey, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion, invitations to optional monthly social Zoom Drinks and receive a $100 David Jones' Gift Card. This program is a holistic blend of personal discovery, style empowerment, and practical steps, leaving you with renewed confidence and style.


1. How does this program differ from your other courses and services?

This program is a high-touch, one-on-one experience that combines life coaching, goal setting, colour analysis, style, and outfit creation into a consistent format tailored to build your best life and style week by week.

2. I am an existing client; is there a special price for those who've had a colour or style analysis done?

Yes, there is a special price for clients who have previously undergone colour or style analysis with B Styled for Life.  As a client, contact Moana here to arrange your client code for payment.

3. How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is designed for those who feel stuck or lacking inspiration and passion in their second act. If you sense that your challenges go deeper than fit, colour, and style, this program will unearth and address those underlying issues.

4. Can I make a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plan with 3x balloon payments, but please note that it incurs an additional $150.00 admin fee.