Discover Your True Colours

Discover Your True Colours


  • 1.5 hour online 1-1 session

  • makeup advice

  • colour swatch

  • personal booklet

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Moana has been assisting many women discover their best or “true” colour palette for personal and branding purposes.  It is a smart move to consult a personal stylist for a colour analysis before selecting website, business card and business logo and stationery colours.  For many small businesses today the owner’s personality shines through as part of their business and a personal stylist can assist with this.

Service includes:

  • Analysis of colours to suit skin tone, hair colour and eye colour

  • Advice on clothing accessories, make-up and hair to suit personal colouring

  • Opportunity to purchase make-up recommended for your colour at special prices should you wish to purchase

  • Comprehensive personalised booklet covering all aspects of your personal colour system is sent as a PDF so that you can refer to it on your phone or computer

  • Colour swatch containing approximately 50 colours including neutrals to suit your personal colouring

  • *Even held online these sessions are extremely accurate and special attention is paid to ensuring you as the client understand all aspects of your colour analysis and why certain colours suit and why some are not as flattering

  • *Online sessions are held via zoom at a time convenient to you.

  • Invitation to be included in the B Styled VIP Club if you wish to find out more tips and be part of a private exclusive and supportive community (completely optional)