Special Gift shown by personal stylist and photographer

Are you struggling to find a special gift to show someone how much you care about them?

The ideal special gift for YOU - Yes you DO deserve it (or for another SOMEONE SPECIAL) is a WHOLE Style Day. Imagine a whole day devoted to YOU or your lucky gift recipient.  The complete and full Colour and Style Session starts the day. Then there is the choice of a wardrobe audit or two hours shopping.  A visit to the hairdresser and a photography session includes the photograph to remind you of how wonderful you feel, how beautiful you are and the confidence that you will feel every time you look at that photograph. Contact Moana today to arrange this very special day.

This is a special gift which keeps on giving as it covers everything from colour, style, confidence ... a whole day devoted to the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE. it is more than style and image it is the way to feel that powerful confidence ongoing.  Feel free to contact Moana for a chat to ask more about this very special offer