Give your Wardrobe  a Whole New Look Without Spending a Fortune

Alterations can reinvent that pile of garments you haven't worn for ages.  You may have cleaned out your wardrobe and still like the garments.  There may be some minor adjustments needed.  The garments may not be the right  fit or require some minor  repairs. Instead of  getting rid of those items think about minor alterations such as:

  • Darts put into a dress that just doesn't hang correctly
  • Hem adjustments
  • Making a pair of trousers into shorts
  • Changing a dress into a top
  • Sleeves altered to a more flattering style to suit your arms
  • Necklines can be altered
  • Collars can be adjusted and made smaller
  • Side seams taken in
  • Repairs to maintain garments
  • Bras can have straps and backs replaced

Change your Clothes From Frumpy to Fabulous Alterations  to a hem length can  make a huge difference.   Depending on the style you can even have material inserted into a dress if it is too short.  Thinking outside the box and using your imagination or that of a personal stylist can be enlightening and save you a lot of money. Waiting to Lose Weight before you Buy New Clothes? If you have been holding off buying new clothes until you reach a goal weight one of the best things you can do for self esteem is look your best while on your health journey.  Buy yourself that great outfit, wear it now and have the alterations done to take the clothes in.  You can "adjust as you go".

Benefits of Alterations

  • Buy “off the rack” clothes  on sale and even if  the garments are not your size just have them altered.  Even with the cost of alterations you can literally save hundreds of dollars by making the most of clearance sales.
  • If you love a dress, skirt, shirt or pants for the  style and colour and want a really “perfect” fit sometimes it  works to buy  a size bigger to have a dressmaker make alterations personal to  your shape.
  • When you go for the fitting for alterations ensure that you wear the other garments that you would wear with the garment to be altered and the same shoes especially if it is for a hem.  This applies to undergarments as well as a different bra under a top or dress can create a different look to something especially if it is quite fitted.  If you are having a coat  or jacket altered wear the thickest layer that you may be wearing underneath it to allow for layering.
  • Alterations such as hems, side seams, adding darts or tucks, altering sleeves, replacing zips or fasteners can be relatively inexpensive.  Sometimes fiddly alterations to jackets and coats can be a bit more time consuming and cost more.
  • Do not feel guilty about having professional alterations done.  Your time may be better spent elsewhere even if you can sew.
  • Alterations can save you so much money.  Take into account the cost per wear of a garment that may not have otherwise been worn much at all because it didn’t fit correctly.

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