10 Self Love Styling Tips

Discover the ultimate guide to 10 Self Love Styling Tips designed to boost your confidence and enhance your personal style. From wardrobe essentials to empowering accessories, unlock the secrets to feeling fabulous from the inside out.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” - Rupi Kaur

1. Wear What Makes You Feel Good

One of best 10 self love styling tips is to choose outfits that boost your mood and make you feel confident and comfortable. Think about colours that you love and if you have had your colours analysed choose one of your signature colours to focus on. Build your outfit around a statement piece such as a favourite top, pair of earrings or even shoes. Remember that the best thing you can do for style is to always dress as yourself and wear what makes you feel comfortable.

2. Embrace Your Body Shape

8 body shape

Highlight your favourite features and embrace your unique body shape with clothing that flatters. I would love you to pick something about yourself right now that you want to highlight. Everyone has a favourite part of their body - even if it is your feet and you want to wear some shoes which highlight your feet and ankles. You could highlight your shoulders, arms, bust, waist. Think about an area that you are happy with, If you cannot think of an area of your body contact Moana for a 15 minute chat here  to arrange a special complimentary Love Yourself Zoom call for Valentines Day as we would love you to love you! 

Remember that we are all unique and there is no such thing as the perfect body. Embrace your differences and do not compare yourself to others.

3. Experiment with Colours

Mastering Style: Breaking the Rules of Undertones with the Magic of Contrast

Explore a palette that resonates with you, whether it's bold and vibrant or soft and subtle. Certain colours will resonate with you even if you have never had your colours done there will be an energy that you feel when you wear some colours while other colours leave you feeling less than excited.

Try many colours on and think about how you feel when wearing them. Experiment and have a sense of curiosity about colour and how it affects your mood and look. The traditional colours of Valentine's Day are red, pink and white and that is because these colours promote a sense of romance, caring and purity.

Self Love Styling Tips on Embracing Romantic Hues: Incorporating Valentine's Day Colors into Your Wardrobe

Florists incorporate these colours into their stock in preparation for this reason. There are many versions of red and pink and even white so find out yours and incorporate these into your wardrobe if you would like to feel more feminine and experiment with these romantic colours on Valentines Day.

The fear of mismatching often holds us back from embracing a diverse colour palette. However, understanding the principles of colour harmony can be a game-changer. Complementary colours, those opposite each other on the colour wheel, create a dynamic and eye-catching effect.

Harmonizing Warm and Cool Tones: Achieving Balance in Your Color Palette

Warm and cool undertones can coexist harmoniously by strategically choosing colours that complement rather than clash. For instance, pair warm-toned coral with its complementary cool-toned teal for a look that's not only visually pleasing but also daring in its fusion.

The key is to find that sweet spot where opposites attract and create a perfect balance.

4. Self Love Styling Tips : Invest in Quality Basics

10 Self Love Styling

Build a wardrobe foundation with high-quality basics that can be mixed and matched effortlessly. Quality over quantity is always best. Anyone who has a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear will tell you this. It is much better to have clothing which is good quality rather than fast fashion, throw away items. Creating a capsule wardrobe is easier if you have some good quality basics to add extra items to.

5. Accessorise Thoughtfully

Elevate your look with accessories that reflect your personality and add a personal touch. Are you in business or do you have a career where it is important to show your personality? There are many self love styling tips and ways to do this and one simple trick to to wear accessories that reflect your style.

Self Love Styling Tips on Accessorising with Style: Matching Your Accessories to Your Outfit's Aesthetic

If your clothing has an uncluttered and streamlined style then your accessories will look best if they are similar. If you have a feminine personality your accessories may be more detailed. Accessories are a simple way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit and can add colour and pizazz to your wardrobe.

Self Love Styling Tips : Taking Cues from Celebrity Style

10 Self Love Styling
source: vogue.com

It is also another easy way to show your personality. You will find that most celebrities use accessories to create a signature look such as Iris Apfel with her oversized glasses and Diane Keaton and the collection of hats she likes to wear.

6. Celebrate Your Style Evolution

10 Self Love Styling Tips

Embrace changes in your style over time, and celebrate the growth and evolution of your fashion choices. Changing with your lifestyle and with your life in general is an easy way to stay in flow and to ensure that you always have the right clothing for the occasion. We are all evolving and rather than following the latest fashion trends it is best to ensure your clothing works for your current lifestyle.

7. Prioritise Comfort without Sacrificing Style

Relaxed Style Personality

Find a balance between comfort and style to ensure you feel great all day long. You can still be comfortable and look stylish by wearing quality fabrics and ensure the clothing fits correctly. We have all experienced shoes which cause pain and no matter how stylish they are if they are not comfortable it will show on your face. Hence the old adage “uncomfortable shoes ugly face”. Here are some tips on how important it is to find shoes that fit correctly.

8. Create a Signature Look

Develop a signature style just like the celebrities do which reflects your personality and makes you instantly recognizable. Discover your style personality by taking this quiz and discover stores which specialise in selling your unique style of clothing. 

9. Self Love Styling Tips - Mindful Wardrobe Curation

10 Self Love Styling

Regularly assess your wardrobe and keep only items that align with your current style and bring you joy. Clients have often been told by Moana to actually think “does this item deserve to be in my wardrobe?” “Does it represent me?”

10. Positive Affirmations Mirror Exercise

10 Self Love Styling

One of the best 10 self love styling tips is to stand in front of a mirror, appreciate your reflection, and affirm positive statements about yourself as you get ready. Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend or your loved one. Try this for a whole day and see how you feel at the end of the day. 

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If we feel good, we look good, and if we look, good we feel good.

What is your Style Personality quiz saves you time to discover or confirm your natural fashion style. As a result, you will enjoy every aspect of your image and personal styling. During the session, you will always feel comfortable in what you are wearing if you dress according to your own style.

Being the best you can be for your age is the healthy way to be. Look congruent with yourself! Discover the incredible range of Moana's offerings, from bespoke gift vouchers to captivating books, enriching online courses, and exquisite personal styling services. Elevate your experience with us today!


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