Do you ever wonder how some women look great no matter what they’re wearing?   You can too by maximising the fit of the clothes you have so that you have a completely wearable wardrobe. We all vary in size from time to time and keeping that 80% of your wardrobe wearable is what you want instead of 20% and the rest taking up space.   The secret is a good tailor.

The Importance of the Fit for a Wearable Wardrobe

For clothing to look great on your body, it’s less about how much it costs and more about how it fits together as well as being the right colour and quality fabric. The truth is that clothing rarely fits perfectly right off the rack. Did you watch the show Mad Men? It was set back in an era when women’s fashion was all about getting clothing tailored to fit perfectly; the female characters in the show looked feminine and chic because of the form-fitting dresses they had in their wardrobe. Nowadays, most women want to look amazing in a shirt, skirt, or another clothing item bought right from the store. A good fit is rarely achievable this way.   Garments can look incredible on you by taking out a centimetre at the waist, tightening seams on a blouse, or adjusting  pants that are too tight.  See more about correct fitting garments here.

Get a Quality Tailor - or an Alterations Person

A big reason movie stars look so perfect is that their stylists demand alterations for all of their clothes. Many women resist going to the tailors because of assumption that it is expensive, they don’t know which tailor to use, or simply aren’t willing to put in the effort.  Quite often dry cleaners provide an alterations service.   If you don't sew or have something trickier than minor hems and seams it is a good idea to invest the time into finding someone. The truth is though that while it may take time to find a good go-to provider of alteration services, the initial effort is well worth it. The tailor will get to know your body shape and you may be able to bargain for a lower price if you have several items.  Start with a simple alteration to find out if you are happy with the tailor and then build up a good relationship so that they get to know you and how you like your clothes to be altered.

Choose Basics that are Wearable Daily

While you will want some dressy items, such as formal wear for weddings, the majority of your  wearable wardrobe should be the everyday basics. Invest is good fabrics that will last you several seasons rather than the cheaper alternatives that are likely to fall apart after only one or two washes. Take these basic pieces to the tailor to ensure they fit just right. These types of items include casual pants, dresses, and shirts that you wear for work and on the weekends.

Choose Clothes that Fit Your Shape

Once you know the types of clothes that fit your body shape best, you will find it much easier to shop and get a size that looks great on you. If you find a dress or other wearable items you love and feel fabulous in it, consider getting it in other patterns or colours.  Once you know your best colours and styles for you it is a good way to add variety to your wearable wardrobe with styles you love in different colours or fabrics.  Moana has recently discovered a fashion brand which enables you to select different fabrics and colours in a particular style that suits.  Verducci clothing is made in Australia out of quality fabric and if you are prepared to wait the six weeks it is well worthwhile.

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