Do you wear 20% of your wardrobe only 80% of the time? I am going to show you how To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe In Under 1 Hour.

Do you realise that the average woman spends an extra 90 minutes a week just going through their wardrobe deciding what to wear?

A lot of women actually feel paralysed with fear when it comes to choosing clothes to go out in. This can be for the simple reason that they have too many clothes and don't even know what they have in their wardrobe.

I have heard of one woman who will not go out on a date with her husband because she simply does not know what to wear as she has too many choices but nothing to wear!

Every single item in your wardrobe needs to have a purpose otherwise it is taking up “rent free space”

I am Moana Robinson from B Styled for Life., I love helping women look, feel and be their best!

Here are my top 10 tips to ensuring your wardrobe is working for you and not creating extra work, costing time and wasting energy!

  1. Do a logistics check – Are your most worn items at the left side of your wardrobe? Most of us look to the left side first and then to the right. Items such as exercise clothes or everyday clothes you need in a hurry should be here.
  2. Cull any clothes you do not wear or haven’t worn for at least twelve months. For the diehard hoarders, have a bag or basket in your wardrobe to place rarely worn items. If you haven’t missed it place the bag in another room. If you still haven’t missed the item, you know you don't need it. Donations are usually gratefully received by someone else if the items are in good condition. Otherwise - out it goes!
  3. Group similar types of clothing together, i.e. tops, skirts, pants, dresses, long dresses, jackets and accessories
  4. Hang as many clothes as possible so that they keep their shape and are visible
  5. The more you can see your clothes the more likely you are to wear them
  6. Shoes can be placed in see through boxes to keep them in good condition and to ensure they are easy to find in a hurry. You can buy hanging shoe bags or store them in boxes.
  7. Check if you have any double-ups. If you have say, five black t shirts you could pack some away and bring them out slowly as you need them.
  8. Give yourself a rule to delete one item as you buy one item
  9. Go through your wardrobe in between seasons and pack away the clothes you will not be wearing for a few months
  10. You can conduct your own Wardrobe Audit with a simple step by step guide. Download this free Wardrobe Organising Workbook

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