Woman at computer with arms in air looking happy and excitedWhy Is Celebrating Success So Important?

Celebrating success helps to achieve more in life. It helps us appreciate what we have and what we have done. It helps us celebrate who we are and helps us to celebrate life.

Birthdays, Weddings, Anything

Celebrating success is the reason we have birthdays and wedding anniversaries. We are celebrating milestones. Celebrating success doesn't always mean accomplishment in what you have done. It can be celebrating living life as the person you are, living with someone you love or celebrating being where you love to be. Even funerals are sometimes called a "Celebration of Life"

Celebrating is Good for Community and Connection

International sporting events where trophies are presented are a way of celebrating success.  Think of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games where everyone is celebrating success with the athletes who have trained so hard.  Celebrating success brings energy and excitement to experiences.  It is a way to reward yourself and others for efforts. Celebrating brings people together in body and spirit.

A Wonderful Reminder

Celebrating success and what you have achieved is something which is an important reinforcement of positive actions. This is why we have graduation ceremonies to celebrate the culmination of hard work done during courses and training. Celebrating success is the reason we have certificates as proof of what we have achieved. The visual reminder of qualifications attained gives us a sense of pride in what we have accomplished.

On the completion of courses I like to present my attendees with a Certificate so that they can see they have proof of what they have achieved. It shows the name of the course, the date completed and there is something about seeing your name on a Certificate of Achievement which gives a sense of pride and helps with self-esteem.

Personal Visual Celebration

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to think of how you are going to celebrate when you have completed a task or project.  Resource yourself to be more motivated by visualising what it will be like when you have completed a goal.

I remember what it was like to do something small such as clean up a spare room which had been very cluttered. for way too long. I visualised what that room would look like when cleared out and decorated. This gave me the motivation to do it. Once done I kept opening the door to that room and visually  took in for real the clean, beautiful space in front of me instead of that messy, cluttered space of a "dumping area" . It gave me a sense of satisfaction to see that area looking gorgeous.  Even by opening the door to check the beautiful clean, clear and light space I was celebrating success. It made me feel accomplished and happy.

A Powerful Procrasination Buster

Many of us have tasks that we just don't feel like doing and a great tip to cure procrastination is to "eat that frog" first as described in the book by Brian Tracy. Do the worst job first and after that everything else is easy. You can celebrate success by allowing yourself to do what you have been wanting to do instead. When in business it is true that sometimes we do what we have to do first in order to get to do what we want to do. All play and no work will not get you ahead in business. When you have done work that you are proud of celebrate it. Go out and play, have fun. Treat yourself to something you have been wanting to do or have.

Your Type of Celebration

Make a list of everything you love to do. Think of what makes you feel really good. Is it catching up with a friend for coffee? Going for a swim in the ocean? Having a massage? Knowing what you love to do helps you to begin with the end in mind. It helps with motivation and setting goals.

That Special Child

Celebrating success is almost like bribing yourself and thats ok. We all have that inner child and loving your inner child means that you don't always need to celebrate success with something unhealthy such as chocolate or alcohol.  The best way to celebrate success is to think of something you love to do and make a list as the more ways you can think of that are YOUR way of celebrating success. This will give you even more motivation  to achieve your dreams and goals.

Self Discovery and Personal Development is Key to Success

Discovering what success means to you is the first step after writing that list of what it is that you love to do. If success to you is achieving a university degree or completing a course? Think about the purpose of that university degree or that course. What will that give you? How will it make you feel and the success of completion may give you satisfaction and a sense of achievement. It may give you a sense of pride and it is worth celebrating that achievement. By celebrating success you will want to go onto the next step with that university degree or course so that you have another reason to celebrate.

Each Day is a Celebration

Each day is a celebration of success in itself.  We all know the power of gratitude and celebrating success is similar to this.  Endorphins are created when you have the satisfaction of accomplishing. This could be a job well done or having helped someone . Celebrating success is a positive pattern to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.

You  Deserve This

We all deserve to be proud of who we are and what we have done in life. Surrounding yourself with people who love celebrating success is a healthy way to live. The tall poppy syndrome is the other side of the scale. It is the down side of success and is a negative culture developed by people experiencing jealousy and bitterness.

Success is Motivating and Inspirational

I personally like to see people doing well and achieving their goals and dreams. It is motivating and inspiring. The definition of success is personal and so is the way you celebrate your success. This is all part of personal development and getting to know yourself and knowing the life you are creating for yourself. It takes work to really know what success means for you and it takes work to achieve that success because part of achieving success is recognising when you HAVE achieved the success that you are after.

The Key to Living a Life to Be Proud Of

The most important celebration you can have is the celebration of you and your life. This way you will constantly be living a life that you are proud of. If you would like a discovery session with Moana to see how you can celebrate success in your life or how to recognise steps you can take now towards achieving your dreams and goals contact Moana here.