Travel Light: How I Packed for a 5-Day Retreat

I wanted to share my packing journey for our recent retreat, which started on May 24, 2024. The night before the retreat, I enjoyed a quiet evening with my husband before the adventure began. Here’s a look at what I packed in my handy Foldie cabin bag for our five day Personal Branding & Style Retreat.

Preparing for the Retreat

I packed all my personal items and organized my suitcase with goodies for our retreat attendees. The Foldie, a compact cabin-size bag, carried all my clothes and essentials for the trip. I planned to make a video during the retreat to show you exactly what I packed for the five days.

Last-Minute Packing Frenzy

We arrived at our hotel the night before our flight. After a busy day of printing booklets, I rushed home, washed my hair, and had just about an hour to pack. Here’s a quick rundown of what I packed:

  • Colour Scheme: I stuck to a navy blue palette. This helps keep everything coordinated and simple.
  • Comfortable Jacket: A versatile jacket from Trenery that feels like a cardigan but looks like a blazer.
  • Tops: A couple of singlet tops and another navy blue singlet top.
  • Jeans: I travelled in these as they are hardwearing and comfortable
  • Black Dress: Perfect for draping sessions, as I prefer to wear black or navy blue when working with colours.
  • Stripy Pants: For warmer days at Airlie Beach, paired with smart casual tops.
  • Lingerie: As well as sleepwear.
  • Themed Dress: A dress for our "Flowers and Frocks" themed party, along with extra floral leis for the ladies.
  • Favourite Jumpsuit: Comfortable and stylish.
  • Skort: A skirt with built-in shorts, ideal for morning walks.
  • Walking Jacket: Another comfortable jacket for those early strolls.
  • Swimwear: My togs, along with a cover-up for beach outings.
  • Carry Bag: For shopping trips and beach essentials.
  • Shoes: Sticking to my rule of three pairs, including the ones I’ll be wearing to travel in.

The Foldie Bag

My Foldie is a little marvel that folds up into a compact square, making it easy to pack away when I’m done. This way, I can bring home my suitcase, now empty, as it will have held all the retreat goodies for our attendees.

I Packed for a 5-Day Retreat

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I Packed for a 5-Day Retreat

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I Packed for a 5-Day Retreat

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Final Touches

At the airport, I managed to squeeze in one more item—a blue dress. It’s now safely tucked into my Foldie, ready for our Personal Branding & Style Retreat

And that’s it for my packing. The retreat was a wonderful experience, and everything I packed came in handy. Stay tuned for more updates from our next adventure!

Happy travels!

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I Packed for a 5-Day Retreat

The Foldie, a compact cabin-size bag, carried all my clothes and essentials for the trip. Packing into Foldie for a 5-Day Retreat.

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