Life can overwhelm us.   Due to unexpected events happening sometimes relentlessly we wonder how we can cope. Everything is going great and WHAM the unexpected happens. Recently I heard an extremely busy colleague say "Next" regarding some unexpected news (which meant she had to pack up her whole business and home within a short period of time) She told me about it, shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said "Next!"  She knew that "something" (whether good or bad) was always going to happen next. This is life.  We don't know what is happening next.  How we cope with the unexpected determines our quality of life and the amount of overwhelm we are likely to experience. Here are some ways to cope with overwhelm:

1. Expect the Unexpected

You do get what you expect.   Go with the flow.  Remember that everything happens for a reason.   Fighting what we cant control contributes to frustration and anxiety.  "It is what it is"

2. The Light and Dark Keys on a Piano are what make the Music.

We need light and shade in our life.  Think about how a painting would look without both.  Opposites  give contrast.  Therefore the dark  makes the light even brighter.  It is all about contrast and  balance.  "dark days make the good days even better"

3. Make Choices... or Not

Don't let the "need to make a choice" overwhelm you.  You can make a choice and take away the  overthinking.  If you feel pressured into making a choice you can also NOT make a choice.  That in itself is choosing to do nothing.  Wait and see what happens.  You will soon know when the obvious rears up in front of you what you need to do. There is a difference between  a "feeling" that something is right and a strong gut instinct.  If you aren't sure  - just sit with it and see what happens.  The Dalai Lama said "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck"

4.Does this serve me?

I have a note on my phone "S.A.T." (for Stop And Think). The purpose is to think whether something I am about to do will serve me for what I want to achieve right at that moment.  It has helped tremendously with a sense of overwhelm I had when attempting to do everything at once and accomplish it all in a day.  We all only have a certain amount of time in a day. The words Stop And Think ensures I don't go into auto pilot like a machine.

5.The Sun Rises Every Morning and Sets Every Night

....Regardless!  Once we realise that we cannot control every event in our life we can relax and enjoy life.

6.Clear the Screen to avoid Overwhelm

When you feel overwhelmed take a step back and look in a different direction.  Change the scenery.  Go for a walk,  Go for a drive.  Look at nature.  Feel nature.  Jump in the pool.  Jump in the ocean.  Play with your children. Take a break.  Come back with fresh eyes and you will see everything is clearer and easier.

7.Do what you enjoy and give the rest to someone else

As much as you can - delegate.  There is something to be said for sharing the load.  If you love bookwork do it yourself.  If you don't then give it to someone who  does  or who wants the work.  If you can help someone by giving them the work then look at this as spreading the love and helping others as well as yourself.  There may be something you can do that others can't or don't like to do.  Sharing is caring and you would be amazed at the difference it can make if you reach out and ask for help - It gives you more time to help others too.  Create the space for you.  Not everything needs to be done by you.

8.Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Is this you? ... Piling all the big problems and then some smaller problems into a great big huge pile - Oh yes!  My husband used to say "You are doing it again" .. Do you know what? I dont do this any more.  The small problems I think about for a minute and then thats it.  Small problems are not worth sweating over.  If they really are small they will sort.  Bigger problems dealt with calmly and logically will work out too.  My dear old Aunt used to say "what does it matter in the scheme of things?".  She was right.  The scheme of things is our life and if we spend our life worrying about the small things that sense of overwhelm will always be there.

9. Create Boundaries for Yourself as well as Others

I am a firm believer in "If  its going to be its up to me".  Recently I wanted to get a project done which was essential to me.  It was really important.  I banned myself from Facebook, television, told my family I needed to focus on this and do you know what?  Other people probably didnt even notice that I had backed off.  I was worried about family and friends and that I was neglecting them.  No.  It didnt make one speck of difference. I got my project completed and was able to celebrate.  For me this was a milestone. Create and appreciate boundaries for yourself and for other people.

10. Appreciate

Have an overwhelming sense of appreciation.  There you go .... a positive use for the word "overwhelm".   There are so many wonderful people and so many wonderful things to do .... overwhelm yourself with gratitude today and see what happens.

In Conclusion

Step away, clear the screen and  focus on what is right for you.  Focus only what needs to be done right this minute because everything else can wait and will sort out. Enjoy your life and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what you have today, right now. Contact Moana Robinson from B Styled for Life on 1300 366 675 today