Spring Clean  today  as there is no time like the present ... The new season is a chance to spring clean your house, wardrobe, office and health

1. Spring clean your wardrobe

Go right through your wardrobe to work out what you wear and what you dont.  Download a free Wardrobe Organising Workbook here

2. Tidy your office

Excess clutter can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.  There have many been studies done on this topic.  No matter what your theory is regarding tidy desks I am sure if you spend more time looking for something than necessary it is going to cause you some frustration.  Here are some tips on having a tidy desk. 

3. Computer Housekeeping

Delete or archive any un-used files.  A good Virtual Assistant can definitely help with this rather than you or one of your key people spending hours behind your computer.  A messy computer causes the same frustration as 2. above.

4. Declutter your pantry

Remove all unhealthy items.  Also you may be amazed by the amount of items stored that are past their use-by date.  If you are really stuck on this and want to make a fresh start there are professional "pantry people" who can help with this

5. Tidy that Bathroom Cosmetic Graveyard

Bathroom cupboards can cleaned out and old tired makeup removed.  Here is a handy checklist on safe lengths of time to keep makeup.  A good way to do this is move completely out of your bathroom and only move back .in what you use and is up-to-date.

6. Clean out one cupboard or drawer every day

Do this consistently and it will make a difference.  You could even tick it off on a calendar when done.

7. Make a Rule

Make it a rule to delete one before you add one.  Out with the old and in with the new.  This goes for everything.  The principles of running a lean business and lean manufacturing can also be applied to other areas of life.

8. Clear your mind

Let anything go from the past that no longer serves you.  Contact us for some help with this.

9. Health Check on your Body

Your body is so important to keep in good running order.  Make an appointment with a good clinical naturopath to find out about digestion issues, detoxing and so much more.  You will be amazed at what a consultation can do for you.  Clear professional guidance and support is needed for health changes, weight loss and nutrition advice. 10. Last but not least ... Enjoy Your Spring Clean Remember you are a work in progress and by taking small steps you will achieve a sustainable long lasting result.  We build habits in 21 days and decluttering is a start for how we mean to go on - getting better and better in every day and every way.  No matter how busy you are you can do this and feel so much better for it. Booking a session with a Life Coach for your mind Spring Clean and a Personal Stylist for a Wardrobe Spring Clean is an excellent way to start. See this great article for further details and more tips and ideas on decluttering

A Spring Clean will

  • Re-energise
  • Motivate
  • Free up your thinking space
  • Change to positive new ways of thinking
  • Become aware of all the new possibilities for your life
  • Help you realise the "release" and "relief"  of a decluttered home, workspace, body and mind

Keep an eye out for more articles on how to add the good things you want to achieve after you have done your spring clean Contact Moana Robinson today for a no obligation telephone or skype call to discuss how you can spring clean your life today Ph 1300 366 675