There are many misconceptions about hypnosis such as:

  • Only weak people can be hypnotised
  • People are not in control of themselves and their actions in hypnosis
  • Hypnosis is the same as being asleep in the normal sense
  • Hypnosis is the same as stage sessions that you see as entertainment
  • Everyone can be cured in one session of hypnosis

Here are some facts about Hypnosis:

  • Most people go into hypnosis if they choose to.
  • Whether they can or not has nothing to do with whether they are weak or strong.
  • Intelligent people are easier to hypnotise because they have an open and enquiring mind.
  • Entering into hypnosis requires concentration so people with mental health problems can find it difficult.
  • People naturally vary in how susceptible they are to being hypnotized.
  • Studies have shown that around 30% of people are naturally resistant to being hypnotized.
  • Most people,if they want to, can achieve a state of hypnosis eventually and  those who can achieve it can experience outstanding results.
  • Hypnosis is simply a very deep state of relaxation.
  • Stage hypnosis is usually done by hypnotists who do carry out hypnotherapy as well.  The entertainment factor is there because the people who volunteer for stage hypnosis usually would like to have fun and lose their inhibitions completely for a while.  They are completely willing and just accept suggestions more readily.
  • There is a code of ethics that all qualified hypnosis practitioners must adhere to in normal  sessions which keeps the clients safe.  Every session is carried out completely in accordance with the client’s best interests.  They are still in touch with their morals and normal standards of behaviour.
  • Hypnosis is a science and has been practiced under a number of different labels since civilization began.  Meditation, relfection, prayer, yoga, daydreaming, contemplation, goal setting, creative visualization and guided imagery are all forms of hypnosis.



Hypnosis is the process of specific communication, observation and mastery of inducing states to produce recommended or wanted actions for success.   It is a safe, proven, and effective tool for directly accessing the power or the subconscious mind.

How Many Sessions?

If you are wondering if your particular problem can be cured in one session this is impossible to tell.  All permanent change takes time and it takes a commitment from the client and work with the  practitioner to achieve the desired result.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Always ensure the practitioner is someone who is the right person for you.  Hypnotherapy may be used in conjunction with NLP and other modalities to ensure best results.  All sessions are strictly confidential and tailored to the client’s specific requirements. If you would like to know about Hypnotherapy please visit B Styled for Life’s  Hypnotherapy Page, Contact Moana to fill in the form, or just call Moana on 1300 366 675.  We offer a no obligation complimentary 30 minute consultation.