Life balance - What is the secret?  Someone who is a Libra Star Sign loves balance, peace and harmony.  Life balance in its true sense can successfully give you the latter two and so much more as well.

Do you Have Work Life Balance

If you enjoy your  work then the work and life balance goal can sound as though work is not part of your life.  It is in fact a big part of your life in most cases.  The key is  to be doing work that you enjoy and then that percentage of life is good.  If your work is not fulfilling and satisfying it is time to make some choices.


Everyone has some sort of a choice.  Sometimes it can take a little while to realise what your choices are and this is where a life coach can assist.

Information is Power

It is important to create your balance for your life.  See a good Naturopath and/or Nutritionist if as a woman you are feeling there may be some  imbalance in your hormones.  Some women experience a lack of balance in this area.     Too much estrogen can cause that imbalance.  Not enough progesterone can also cause imbalance.

How About the Opposite

Life balance as spoken about a lot by life coaches and counsellors.  We are all naturally inclined to be one way or another ...

  • Active or inactive
  • Outsp0ken or quiet
  • Caring or indifferent
  • Excitable or calm

Your Personality

If the way you are naturally is suppressed or you say "I must not be so outspoken", "I need to keep myself always calm and not be so excitable" do you think that is going to take away from you and your unique individual personality?

More or Less

What if .... instead of suppressing the way you naturally are you balance your natural excitement at life with times of calmness? What if you balanced your outspoken views with a conscious decision to stop and listen more. You do not need to stop being who you are or the way you are.  You can have both.  You can make a conscious choice to balance those traits with the opposite.  Try it and see how you go.  Maybe for a week instead of curbing your natural tendancies to be one way see if you can balance by tempering whatever it is you feel you may be "too much of" with the opposite.  If it is watching tv - balance it with being outside and in nature.  If it is being around people a lot of the time  try being alone for a bit to balance life for a week.  Sometimes our natural tendancies aren't even recognised by us.  Listen to what your loved ones and friends say about your personality.  If what they are saying sounds like a criticism maybe you can be "more" of the opposite  instead of "less" of the trait they are criticising.    Equal parts create the balance. In relationships this is what the Five Love Languages book is about - taking notice of what we naturally already bring to the relationship and bringing more of what our partner likes.  This creates a balanced healthy and respectful relationship. If you would like to know about Life Coaching Services that Moana can offer, please visit B Styled for Life’s  Life Coaching Page Contact Moana to fill in the form, or just call Moana on 1300 366 675.