Online Personal Style Consultation | What are the Benefits?

An online style consultation is just as beneficial as a face to face appointment.  Personal Stylist and Life Coach Moana Robinson is conducting these comprehensive online personal style and colour consultations. Moana  is well aware of how some women may be feeling in this current situation. it is essential for morale and self-esteem to keep an interest in your health and well-being.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online consultations often have more flexibility with time and sometimes it is more convenient for the client than a face to face session. They can  be conducted in the comfort of the client's own home or workplace without the need to travel distances. They can even be conducted interstate and even globally.

Look, Feel and Be Your Best Especially in these Challenging Times

The  Covid-19 is causing many changes. It is affecting not only people's health but the socio-economic status as well. It is essential during this time especially that everyone feel the best they can. Personal image plays a big part in having good self esteem.

Everything is Possible 

Online personal styling and coaching  is now one of the best ways you can have a session with your consultant and coach. You may not be able to meet up physically. Everything is still possible with styling even from a distance.  Here are some interesting benefits of an online styling consultation you should know.

 It Maximizes your Wardrobe

Even from a distance, tips from your beauty advisor can teach you how to utilize 100% of your wardrobe. You may discover what you have been hiding under the confinements of your closet. You can spend less and still look good by finding out different items in your wardrobe which go with each other.

Get Confident

Your confidence level doubles. Knowing that you have been taught how to dress powerfully and look sophisticated, you feel on top of the game. If you are confident in your looks, you have a sense of ease knowing that you are showing your best :"you" no matter what the situation.

Extend Wearability

After powerful messages and tips from your personal stylist, you will be shown how to spend less per each wear of garment. You will be taught different ways you could wear your jacket or your pants without spending money to buy a new jacket or pair or pants for each occasion.

Proper Use of Makeup

Getting a makeover for your hair and face  will help you to enhance your look and make a statement. During your makeover the personal stylist advises on suitable hairstyles for your face shape and a make up that matches your complexion. Once your new look is set up, your personal stylist will still be available in case you need more guidance and to answer questions you may have.

Technology Makes it Possible

Business can be done from anywhere and all thanks to technology. This means even the  virus can't stop you from having sessions with your personal stylist and coach. Self care is even more of a priority at the moment. This is an ideal opportunity to organise an online style consultation.

Contact Moana Robinson today to find out more. You will be surprised at the difference it can make to talk to someone who understands.