Looking and feeling the best you can for your age is the healthy way to be.   These ten tips can help with this…

1.  Mascara on the lower lashes can accentuate fine lines under the eyes and create shadows no matter how good the quality of mascara is so only apply to the top lashes.

2.   Hair too long can visually drag the face down.  This depends on the condition of your hair and face shape also.  Most of the time shoulder length or shorter hair is more flattering as you age especially if the face has thinned in shape.

3. If your hair is coloured ask your hairdresser about the best colour to use as you age.  Softness in colour is going to be more flattering rather than harsh blondes or black/dark brown.  This will all depend on skin colour and natural hair colouring.  Contrast will be more muted as we age.

4. Keeping healthy with adequate water intake which would be 6-8 glasses of water on average.  As we age we tend to not respond to thirst as quickly.  Healthy food with a well balanced diet including protein, fruit and vegetables.  Adequate daily exercise is important also on average at least two hours a week in total. 

5. The 3 S’s are the main factors which can age skin and our health a lot quicker – Smoking, Sun and Stress

6. Stained or yellowed teeth.  Our teeth do usually darken with age just as hair lightens!  A good quality whitening toothpaste can help with this.  Also speak with your dentist about options.  Tooth Mousse is also a way to protect your tooth enamel from acidic or staining food and drink.

7. Using good quality skincare.  Cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night is really important especially as we age.   Use a specific night cream at night.  Use a day cream with SPF15+ and use a good body moisturiser every day.

8. Too much makeup and also makeup that is too dark can add age to our faces.  Lighter and brighter rather than dark, deep colours in lipsticks especially is best.  

9.  Ensure your foundation garments are the right fit and shape for your body.  Arrange to have a bra fitting if you are unsure about whether you have changed in shape as you age.  Bra straps need tightening? You may be surprised about this difference this can make.

10. Wearing the best clothing and accessory colours for your skin, hair and eye colour will ensure that you always look glowing and fresh no matter what age you are.  Recommendation is  to have a colour analysis at least every ten years.

Best tip of all is …

Keep happy and fulfilled doing some of what you love to do every day.  Do what you love and love what you do applies for any age …

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