DID YOU KNOW: Your wardrobe choices can depend largely on whether or not your core needs are balanced?

What is a Core Need?

Wardrobe choices can depend largely on how your core needs are balanced. Anthony Robbins talks about the importance of meeting the Six Basic Human Needs on his website. He says these basic human needs affect our individual life choices, emotions and events.

The more a person gets to know and understand themselves the more they will feel that they have direction and fulfilment in life. Taking an interest in and learning what is important and what is not so important means that we as humans can make better choices.

But quite often we disregard these core needs the needs because we don't understand the importance and how it can affect our life choices.

When this happens we can feel incongruent especially in the way we dress This can lead to a feeling of personal cognitive dissonance and it occurs when a person's behaviours and beliefs don't align. 

The Six Basic Human Needs are as follows:

  • Growth and Contribution

The two core needs which are more spiritual are Growth and Contribution.  Wanting  to improve your style of dressing and constantly learning new makeup techniques can relate to the core need for personal "Growth”. 

The core need of “Contribution” may determine the type of clothes in our wardrobes. People with this type of core need may be attending charity events and will be ensuring there are suitable outfits for these events.

Global sustainability is something someone could stand for and hence, you may keep this in mind when purchasing new clothes. When sorting your wardrobe people with contribution as a core need would probably make a conscious effort to donate to charity or give to friends and family.

  • Significance and Connection

The core needs of “Significance” and “Connection”  this can mean you like to  “dress to impress”. People with these needs may dress to build rapport and “connection” with others. How others perceive you  is also important.

  • Certainty and Variety

The core needs of “Certainty” and  “Variety”  may determine whether people dress according to their mood at the time. It could determine whether you plan ahead or are more spontaneous with your outfit choices. 



People who like “certainty” would feel panicked if they don't have every item sorted prior to attending an important event.  They may love dressing in a uniform because of that feeling of certainty and they dont even need to think about what to wear.


However someone who favours “variety” may love the spontaneity of  creating an outfit at short notice.  People who like variety would see having a selection of different items to choose from as an enjoyable and creative challenge. They wont  see it as a challenge.  On the other hand someone who likes certainty prefers to know exactly what they will wear each day.

Wardrobe Wonders: Everyone is Different

We all have differing levels of these core needs: some  are inbuilt and some we consciously develop.

Do you like certainty or variety? 

Is significance and being noticed important to you, or do you like to slip under the radar? 

How often do you feel down if you haven't seen anyone for a while?

Do you thrive on connection or do you prefer your time alone?

These core needs as  well as style personality and psychology type, play an important part in your style and how you dress.

Which core needs are most important to you?

Knowing your core needs and understanding how they play a part in your style and what you wear will make choosing the right outfit easy and quick. It will also make shopping for new clothes an enjoyable experience, rather than one you dread.

If you would like to know how to harness the power of your wardrobe and style personality I would love to help you.

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