Colour Can Play an Important Part in Motivation

The New Year means a fresh start and inspiration to start exercising. 

How do you keep and maintain that exercise “Mojo” down the track?  

Different Colour for Different Exercise Modalities

Yoga is a stretching modality and people tend to wear calm, soothing pastel colours such as blues, pinks and neutral or natural colours like browns, creams and black.  

If you are into cardio brighter, energetic colours can get you pumped up, motivated and the fire within really going. For example, neon oranges, hot pinks, fluorescent greens and yellows are great for energetic workouts such as  step, pump, running, boxing.  Reds, and blacks are popular with strength training. 

The Psychology of Colour

The psychological effect colour has is quite surprising. Just imagine if you walked into a gym and EVERYONE was wearing all black… close your eyes and imagine black clothes, black gym equipment … How motivated would you feel? Now imagine all colours of the rainbow – different people wearing their choice of colour – it makes your workout interesting and fun. If you are doing a relaxation class add some beautiful colour and you think of beautiful things. 

  • Black is a good base colour for staples such as tights and shorts – Team with something coloured (Black can represent coolness, toughness, individuality and strength – it can also represent “sustaining”) 
  • White – Another neutral (Lovely and fresh – it can represent a change in attitude, great for re-starting your exercise programme, good for taking you through that pain barrier) 
  • Red – The colour of courage, tenacity, determination, strength, attracts attention so you are more likely to work hard 
  • Yellow – The colour of creativity and enthusiasm, fun , friendly and happy. All help with motivation 
  • Brown – A steady, calming colour associated with the earth/environment – good for yoga and relaxation 
  • Blue – Calm and assertive. Good colour for resolve and commitment 
  • Green – Pale green is best for relaxation or stretching exercise but brighter greens are great for consistent training as can represent loyalty 
  • Orange – Is good for creating energy and a sense of fun., a fresh colour 
  • Pink – The passion colour – can help to develop a passion for a chosen exercise or sport 
  • Purple – is usually a creative or artistic colour and depending on the shade is good for yoga, pilates or brighter purple for strength and cardio training 

Introducing colour to your workout is not the magic answer to bring back your “Mojo” but do whatever personally works for you to “keep re-igniting that mojo” 

Besides Wearing the Right Colours Below are some "Regaining your Exercise Mojo" Ideas

  • Joining a gym (Choose a gym that is easy and convenient for you); and/or 
  • Consulting a motivation coach 
  • Finding a gym buddy 
  • Hiring a Personal Trainer
  • Getting fitted for a comfortable sports bra to add a pop of colour under that boring black tank top 
  • Downloading a great playlist of music to workout to 
  • Joining a club – Taking up running? Parkrun is a great way to start 
  • Pampering or rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. Are you short on ideas? Here are 100 ways to pamper yourself
  • Attend a workshop or course to re-ignite that spark 
  • Use a coach to help you work out what your passion and purpose is and what lights you up inside.
  • Boost your motivation for exercise with colour – Get your Mojo back and keep it. 

At B Styled for Life we can assist with finding your True Colours as well as chat about how to get that motivation back again.