Relaxed Style Personality

Relaxed Style Personality

Take a deep breath and consider these brief life lessons to embrace peace and serenity. —, Relaxed Style Personality

This style personality is all about comfort. A person with a Relaxed Style Personality looks humble and approachable. Hair and clothing is natural and relaxed.

Hair and Makeup

Makeup is minimal. Lip gloss would be all that is worn sometimes or very natural colours. Hairstyles are plain and no fuss.

What to Wear

A relaxed Style Personality is also called Natural Style Personality. Fabric is quite natural. Cotton and linen are good examples.

  • Short-Sleeve Stripe Line T-Shirt is made of durable fibres. The V neckline is flattering. Necklines are usually very modest and plain.

Relaxed Style Personality

  • This Heritage Embroidered T-Shirt is proudly made from Verified Australian cotton. It's cut makes the outfit a relaxed fit.

Relaxed Style Personality

There are more great accessories on Moana's ShopShare channel. If you love any of these items and they sold out, contact Moana by leaving a message below. Moana provides a service to find garments for you depending on your style personality or requirements. If you have a special event Moana can put together some suggestions for you.

 If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. —Laura Ingalls Wilder

Moana talks about your natural looks. Like fabric, our skin and hair have a pattern. Watch this video on how to look harmonious with what we're wearing.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. — Shawn Ashmore

Knowing your Style Personality is embracing your authentic you. The more you know yourself, the more treasure you find within. Explore the different Style Personalities:

Classic Style Personality

The Classic Style Personality creates a timeless look and enduring elegance. Outfits are simple and streamlined.

Dramatic Style Personality

dramatic style personality

A dramatic style personality makes an entrance that's full of drama. The attitude is being sophisticated and daring.

Elegant Style Personality

elegant style personality

An Elegant Style Personality loves to wear garments made from high-quality fabric. Preferences are cultured and refined.

What is your Style Personality?

What is your Style Personality quiz saves you time to discover or confirm your natural fashion style. As a result, you will enjoy every aspect of your image and personal styling. By wearing clothing that suits your personality you will always feel comfortable in what you are wearing

Learning never exhausts the mind. ― Leonardo da Vinci

Be Your Own Unique Style

Step Up to Style Course prepares you to look your best in 21 days. This goes on inside the mind, heart, as well as outside. You will shine and stand out in your own styling and qualities. In summary, you will learn some relevant pointers:

  • The How to Look and Feel your Best module gives you the fundamentals to be the best version.
  • The Seven Keys Aspects To Style provides insights about silhouettes and other keys.
  • Shapes Tips unleash the secrets of beauty based on your physique.
  • The Style Types and Personalities topic shows us the world of style psychology.
  • Whereas, the Face Shapes module tells us the importance of our face features.
  • Finally, Colours bring life to styles. Colour is one of the primary properties. It connects to our overall nature.
  • In addition, the course has bonus tips. Each tip comes from Moana's experience of how her clients achieve great looks.

Get More Privileges

For the Step Up to Style Course, you will get B Styled for Life - Living with Sass and Style Book valued at $24.95. You can also book a 30-minute online consultation with Moana for free.

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If we feel good, we look good, and if we look, good we feel good.

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