Do you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear?

If you you are not confident and comfortable your clothes may be holding you back from your full potential…

Our surveys show that What you wear has a significant effect on your self-esteem.

Before and after styling transformations clearly show confidence levels increase as much as 800% when you get your wardrobe working for you!

Most women struggle finding the right clothes for them because they are unaware of the Key Styling Secrets. And in today’s fast paced, competitive business world you need every advantage you can get. Your wardrobe is a key part of your business and professional success.

Today’s Number One Key Styling Secret: The Power Psychology of Colour

Colours have a profound effect on how you feel each day and how you will perform at work. Going into a power meeting wearing light colours and wishy washy patterns actually can make you feel literally feel the same way. Wearing more vibrant, dominant colours can actually make you feel more confident and energetic. Think about the type of event you are attending and dress accordingly. There’s a lot behind the psychology of colour and how it can make yourself and others feel. Use it to your advantage to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin and your surroundings:

Here are the neuroscience messages of the colours in your wardrobe:

Whites – Pure, Modern, Immaculate, Fair & Just

Anyone dealing with others in the business world who wants to impart a sense of being cool, calm and collected will portray this image by wearing crisp white. You can look organized and serene even when surrounded by chaos!

Reds – Passionate, Energetic, Optimistic, Powerful

Red is a great colour for persuasion in a meeting or sales talk. It stands out, shows you know what you want and demonstrates a sense of power.

Yellows – Animated, Carefree, Vivacious, Alive

If you want the element of surprise wearing yellow or even a few touches of it can lift the spirits and demonstrate a unique element of fun into what could be a dull business environment. Be careful with this colour as it is not good to wear if you want to be taken very seriously at a critical meeting or appointment

Orange – Animated, Dynamic, Creative

Orange is one of those colours that some people just cannot wear so you would definitely stand out if it is a colour that suits you. Again, not a colour to wear if you are in an environment which is very serious and formal.

Violets – Unique, Perceptive, Serene

Violets or shades of purple are colours which many people in the alternative healing business tend to wear. Combining the stimulation of red and the calmness of blue and can be associated with royalty, luxury and wisdom and justice. The colour purple can encourage creativity. In Japan it is symbolic of wealth and status.

Browns – Welcoming. Receptive, grounded

Wearing browns in business evokes a sense of safety and reliability. It gives off a sense of earthiness. It is not however a very powerful colour and would not be ideal to wear to a meeting where you want to assert some influence.

Black – Dignified, Cosmopolitan

Wearing black can communicate sophistication and glamour. It is the most commonly worn neutral in corporate offices and business. Black is a colour that is taken seriously. Consider brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and other high end brands. Simple and classy black can be staple for anyone to wear who needs to appear neutral and avoid distracting colours.

 Blues - Composed, Dependable, Trustworthy

B Styled for Life client in blue dress


Wearing blue especially dark blue is one of the best colours to wear to impart a sense of trust and confidence. Many banks have blue in their logo for this reason. You will see the difference straight away when Cathryn who is a Trademark Attorney wears this blue dress. The lace texture is feminine and the navy blue looks smart and gives that important confident appearance. The feminine aspect makes her appearance approachable and friendly.

Pinks – Delicate, Feminine, Open to new ideas

Wearing pink at work or in your business really does depend on the type of work you are doing. As opposed to men wearing pink which shows they have balance and are in touch with both their masculine and feminine side – it seems that women wearing pink gives an impression of serenity and femininity and depending on the shade it is more of a “party” hue. Wearing pink in business is best paired with a neutral such as black, navy or grey.

Greens – Strong, Persistent, Wealth

Green is the colour of calm and relaxation. This is the reason the waiting room before going on a tv set is called the “Green Room”. Again, the shade will determine how formal the attire is with regard to colour which would be suitable for business. The deeper the green the more formal and b


Greys – Reputable, Calm, Controlled

Wearing grey communicates independence and in a business or career situation this can be a positive as it can show that you are able to think independently, that you are self-sufficient and capable of thinking on your own.

The power of colour can have an effect on you and those around you. Colour can give you confidence and as William Arruda who is the author of Ditch, Dare.Do! says “When you wear something that just feels right, you are confident. And it is also great to have a trademark look. It makes you memo

rable and distinctive”

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Remember, having a wardrobe which you feel confident and comfortable with is a powerful tool to accelerate your success.