What is your Style Type?

what is your style type

Your Style Type is different to your Style Personality.

It is much deeper and gives you an understanding of how you think and feel about style. The report gives you a deep understanding of your personal relationship with style and the best way for you to travel your authentic style pathway. The 16 Style Type report you receive is included in your Style Session.

Many women don’t understand why they struggle with style.

Yes, it is important to know the colours that highlight your skin, hair, and eyes. Yes, it is important to know your body shape. Many women think this is the magic answer to "Style". As a life coach and NLP Practitioner Moana truly believes the most powerful way to know your style is to truly know yourself from the inside out.

If you simply identify your colours, body shape and even style personality you will not have that deep understanding which can come with unleashing the confidence within.

This comes from knowing yourself and your style essence. By knowing and understanding your Style Type you will feel understood, validated and inspired to truly blossom. The 16 Style Type Report price is included in your Style Consultation package.

What it is: The first step to your style package so that we are working from the “inside out” with your style. 

The process is self-paced, and Moana can assist you where required. You can usually go through this before your face-to-face or online consultation or during the consultation (you would need to allow an extra 40 minutes for this).

What you will receive: 

● Access to the 16 Style Type Best Fit Type Process 

● 30-page illustrated magazine Style Type Report of over 8000 words including a blueprint for style growth and success
● A 10-minute video that delves into your Style Type giving you further insight and illustrative stories about your type bringing your Style Type Report to life
● 40-page Style Profile workbook with questions and resources to help you bridge the space between your style essence and style expression
● Get Traction resource containing a detailed road map of 10 ways you can get the most out of your Style Type Report and includes activities and exercises that work in conjunction with your Style Type Report Blueprint and your Style Profile

What you will discover about yourself: 

● How you approach Style and image 

How you think and feel about style
● What matters to you with regards to your image
● How you want to communicate your personality to the world using your style as a tool and an expression of self.

What you will learn based on your psychological type: 

● What your style pillars are 

● Your style strengths and challenges
● How to approach wardrobing
● How to approach shopping
● How to find the dressing styles that work for you to present your most stylish self
● How you approach style rules
● Your style blueprint, a style pathway that’s true for you

Action Steps to Take with your 4 Phase Blueprint: 

● Activities to help you become your most stylish self 

● Questions to ponder and answer
● Experiments to pursue to help you develop your style based on the way you think, learn, and grow.

This is a valuable resource and is only the start of your style journey.

It is INCLUDED in your B Styled for Life Styling package. As your Personal Stylist Moana is gifting this so that you can absolutely empower yourself with knowledge and understanding about your own unique, authentic style. If you would like to know more, contact Moana here to arrange a chat so that Moana can answer any questions you may have.


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