Feminine Style Personality

Feminine Style Personality

“Modesty answers not the crude how of femininity, but the beautiful why.” ― Wendy Shalit, Feminine Style Personality

The Feminine Style Personality shows the dressing style as more womanly and occasionally romantic. The same theme goes for the details like the fabric, hair, and colours.

Concept of Feminine Style Personality

Feminity carries various definitions with different interpretations. Feminine implies empathy, sensitivity, gentleness, and humility

Shopping with Moana's ShopShare TV Channel

Find more feminine styling with B Styled for Life. Beautiful items are accessible. Outfits and accessories have light colours, floral patterns, and soft textures.

feminine style personality

You can't find happiness in money but shopping. ‒ Marilyn Monroe.

At Moana's Shopshare TV Channel,  Take a look at some feminine dresses to freshen up your wardrobe with branded designs. Here are the examples:

  • Mireile Tiered Dress in White Broderie is 100% cotton and 100% rayon.

  • Caiyue ladies beaded embroidered evening dress bag hand with imitation pearls is available with other colours.

Discounts may still be available at Moana's ShopShare TV Channel. If you love any of these items and they sold out, contact Moana by leaving a message below. Moana provides a service to find garments for you depending on your style personality. If you have a special event Moana can put together some suggestions for you.

what is your style type

What is your Style Type Personality?

Do you have a softness quality? Do you express yourself more womanly from the inside? You may manifest an Elegant Style Personality and Feminine at the same time.

More Style Personalities other than Feminine Style Personality

Awareness of your Style Personality guides you to your path of happiness. Above all, you can simplify your choices to achieve the best version of yourself. The way you put your outfit  together is the best way to show your personality on the outside. It affects the way that you feel. So, here are some other types of personality that you can learn about:

Furthermore, you will come across other Style Personalities. Anyone may have two or more Style Personalities. In fact, a Dramatic personality style may also possess an Elegant and Classic elements in their style.

Now is the Right Time

What is your Style Personality quiz saves you time to discover or confirm your natural fashion style. As a result, you will enjoy every aspect of your image and personal styling. During the session, you will always feel comfortable in what you are wearing if you dress according to your own style. This quiz is simple. Know your Style today!

Learning never exhausts the mind. ― Leonardo da Vinci

Be Your Own Unique Style

Step Up to Style Course prepares you to look your best in 21 days. This goes on inside the mind, heart, as well as outside. You will shine and stand out in your own styling and qualities. In summary, you will learn some relevant pointers:

  • The How to Look and Feel your Best module gives you the fundamentals to be the best version.
  • The Seven Keys Aspects To Style provides insights about silhouettes and other keys.
  • Shapes Tips unleash the secrets of beauty based on your physique.
  • The Style Types and Personalities topic shows us the world of style psychology.
  • The Face Shapes module tells us the importance of our face features.
  • Colours bring life to styles. Colour is one of the primary properties. It connects to our overall nature.
  • In addition, the course has bonus tips. Each tip comes from Moana's experience of how her clients achieve great looks.
Elegant Style Personality

My mother told me two things constantly. One was to be a lady, and the other was to be independent. — Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Feminine Style Personality quote about Motherhood

A mother's tips are always remembered even well into adulthood. Moana has a wonderful mum, Pamela. She shares her mum's tips with her two beautiful daughters, who are now mothers. Our success is founded on our mum's love and words of wisdom.

Special Gift for Mother's Day

Moana likes to share her mum's love. B Styled for Life organised a Mother's Day Gift this year to bring a smile to your mum's face. This gift has free shipping and limited time only. B Styled for Life's Mother's Day Gift Package, at a low price, includes:

  • Moana's Best Seller Book
  • 30 min Online Style Consultation
  • A Stylish B Styled for Life Pen
  • Beautifully Gift Wrapped

As your Personal Stylist Moana is gifting this so that you can absolutely empower yourself with knowledge and understanding about your own unique, authentic style. If you would like to know more, contact Moana here to arrange a chat so that Moana can answer any questions you may have.


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