Dramatic Style Personality

dramatic style personality

A dramatic style personality makes an entrance that's full of drama.

As a Dramatic Style Personality, everyone will notice your dress and accessories. This includes bags, shoes and earrings, watch and even the type of pen you use. Because of this, people will stare at you and be intrigued by your style and what occasion you may be attending.

An Art You Can Master

Using your style personality is an art. It is expressing individuality through appearance. This includes earrings, glasses, and other accessories. Doing this is a clever way to put an outfit together. The look a Dramatic Style Personality wears will  be like a stunning work of art and create a memorable impact.

Not Afraid to Step Into the Limelight

Celebrities with a Dramatic Style Personality make a statement in front of cameras. Their presence is sophisticated and daring. If you would  like to see how Dramatic Style Personality women dress, you can visit Moana's ShopShare TV Channel.

Dramatic Style Personality also has specific colour preferences.

Colours are essential to consider because they will help you appear bold and attractive. Even the  dramatic style personality prefers colours to complement their skin tone, hair and eye colour.

Consider the Colours

Dramatic colours will have strong elements. A dramatic style personality with warm undertones will prefer the stronger warm shades. Those with cool undertones will prefer the cool versions of those bolder colours. Try Moana's Colour Psychology Wheel. You will understand how colours play a role in our preferences and emotions.

Create a Dramatic Impact with Colour

Every colour has positive and negative impacts. Miranda Kerr, the highest-paid Australian model, loves red. Moana Robinson loves red too. Moana's red will be a cool red and Miranda Kerr's red may be warmer as she has more of a neutral undertone. According to Moana's Wheel, people who love red are passionate, energetic, and optimistic. And the good part is that people who love red may also have a common surprising trait like being opinionated, bold, and impertinent. Please click and check  Moana's Colour Psychology Wheel below:

dramatic style personality

Is it hard to find out if one has a dramatic style personality?

Drama at the Movies

You can see people with a Dramatic Style Personality  in the world of entertainment, fashion, and advertising. They have bold make-up, sharp hairstyles, large accessories, and high heels. They can sometimes be intimidating. Like Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada", Meryl Streep represents an authoritative and creative icon "Miranda Priestly". In the movie, Miranda Priestly may not only show a Dramatic Style Personality. She also Portrays a Creative Style Personality.

Are there other styles?

Yes!  There are other style personalities. For example personalities that are very distinctive like the  Rebellious and dramatic style personality. The Classic, Feminine and Elegant style personalities may share common features. You can be a combination of two style personalities.

Check Out Your Style Personality

What is your style personality? Moana has an interactive quiz to check which style of personality fits you the most. You may click the picture below, you will get curious if the results match your style character and it may help you decide what to wear to your next event.


The best way to look like yourself when you get dressed is to know your style personality.

Know Yourself and Know Your Style

You are the best and most authentic version of yourself. Discovering and knowing your style personality can take years. Therefore spending  time and resources to get to know yourself is a good investment. By doing this you can show who you are inside on the outside. This is personal branding. You will always look, feel and be your best.

Authenticity at its Best

Create powerful  branding for your business. Moana's Step Up to Style short course offers so much information to look good in 21 days. Moana is a TEDx speaker who inspires all broken can become more strong and more valuable.

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