All About Body Shapes- A Body Shape

A Body Shape

For the A body shape, your best features are your legs.

A Body Shape

A-Body Shape is also called Pear Body Shape. Shoulders are narrow. Hips are wider. This Body Shape is the most common female body figure.

Uneven Looks for A Body Shape

Showing off the slender upper body may throw off your body's balance. Your lower part may look bigger than it actually is.


Celebrities with A Body Shape

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are famous for A-silhouette. They are wearing a suggested dress to conceal the lower part. The objective is to create an elegant and feminine look.

A Body ShapeA Body Shape

You are a body type that can wear the Chanel type jackets that Jackie Onassis used to wear.

Cardigans are great for A shapes. They add lightweight volume.

Styles to Suit A Body Shape

  • Wide leg pants or flat-front trousers- Room in the thighs is more comfortable with this style. Visually balance the body. Always ensure you have some detail at the shoulders or neckline of your tops.

A Body Shape

  • Wide V necks- Showing skin around the neck is pleasing to the eyes. Elongate the appearance of your torso and highlight the face.

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Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. Three-quarter sleeves, wide scoop necks and one-shoulder tops all look fabulous on you.

Avoid to Wear

  • Avoid pants that are too loose or that have skinny legs. Tight or tapered jeans may not look in proportion to the upper part of the body.

A Body Shape

  • Dropped sleeves and deep armholes- Chanel-type jackets would be perfect! Wear garments that broaden your shoulders.

Draw the eye upwards with bright-coloured and embellished tops. Show the body as elongated.

Feel good about what they are wearing as it looks and feels congruent ― Moana Robinson


Colour plays an essential role in body shapes. For A Body Shape, darker colours are favourable on the bottom part. Learn some secrets about the relevance of each colour:

  1. Start with undertone.
  2. Know whether your overall value is light or dark.
  3. Know whether you have high or low contrast.
  4. Wear something if you have a lot of colours in your hair, skin, and eyes.
  5. Suit clear, soft, or muted colours.
  6. Relate texture to clothing.

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