Do You have a Long Body and Shorter Legs

Body proportions vary from person to person as we are all so unique and individual - Thank goodness for that — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life

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What to Wear | Long Body Short Legs

  • The length of your torso is the distance from the top of your head to the crotch.
  • The length of your legs is the distance from your crotch to your feet.
  • This is a very common body type and it doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short. Body proportions can still vary greatly.

You can work out whether you have a long torso and short legs by standing up straight with bare feet and have someone measure you or have a photo taken directly in front of you to work this out. Photographs are an easy way to visually see this yourself and work out the measurement difference.

Here are some great tips to visually balance your proportions if you have a longer torso and shorter legs

Think about keeping the length of your top shorter

Keep skirt lengths shorter

High waisted trousers are best

Patterned tops are going to draw the eye upwards. If you are wearing patterned skirts or pants use some colour from the pattern in the top of your body garment.

Wear shoes a similar colour to pants and skirts which will make legs look longer. Nude shoes also make the legs look longer.

Adding detail at the waist will be flattering such as wearing wide or statement belts or try tucking tops or shirts in at the waist. This breaks up the area of the torso.

Avoid long tops and cropped pants. Keep in mind that this will make your torso look longer

Empire waists and A Line skirts are great as it is not easy to see where the torso ends and the legs start.

Wearing belts in the same fabric or colour as your pants or skirt can elongate your legs and shorten the torso

One piece outfits such as jumpsuits are good especially if they are all one colour.

Keep jackets shorter and avoid high contrast tops and bottoms which tends to cut you in half.

Examples of Famous People with Longer Torsos and Shorter Legs


Marilyn Monroe

Halle Berry

Keira Knightley

As always remember that all bodies are beautiful no matter the proportions, These tips are a way to visually create balance and is a smart way to style your outfits.

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