Do You Know Your Style Personality?

do you know your personality?

The best way to look like yourself when you get dressed is to know your style personality.

Even if you have someone you’d like to model yourself on, you are the best and most authentic version of yourself. Your style personality is something that can change over the years. For example, if you were a rebellious style personality and used to wear lots of studs and zips, with some piercings and tattoos, you may have mellowed and changed as you got a little bit older.

Rebellious Style Personality

Knowing your Style Personality Can Affect the Way You Feel

Style personality is something that's really important to feel congruent. The way you dress is the easiest way to show your personality on the outside. For example, can you imagine how someone with a soft, feminine personality, would feel if she was told to walk out of the house wearing a pair of high-heeled, patent black stilettos with a black leather biker jacket, a very, very tight fitting skirt, a revealing low-cut shiny blouse, a whole lot of rings on her fingers and a bag that was very large and chunky? 

Feminine Style Personality

Just the same way a person who likes to make a big impact when they walk into a room would feel if they were told that they needed to wear a dress that was a very demure, classic style, and some low-heeled shoes and a neutral colour scheme to blend into the background. It would really affect her personality – and in a not good way! 

Classic Style Personality

A Style Personality Can Change

Changes with lifestyle, age, and circumstances can alter your style personality. For example, if someone is a dramatic style personality and wears quite striking, firm, synthetic fabrics, which are slim fitted and tailored and moved countries to a very hot climate, they will usually 

adapt their style personality to incorporate more natural fabrics. They would not want to wear the jackets they used to and might become more relaxed in their style. Likewise, someone who used to work in a corporate environment may now have the opportunity to wear the clothing they really love if they are a naturally relaxed style. It’s important that you work out what clothing you like to wear.  


There are many benefits when you know your style personality is:  

● You look congruent with your personality. 

● Great for branding if you’re in business.  

● Everything goes with everything. Simplify your wardrobe. 

● Easy packing to go away – everything coordinates. 

● You get to know what types of shops carry your style. 

● Friends and family will find it easier to buy you gifts. 

● People can let you know if they see ‘your style’ somewhere. 

rachel zoe quote style

What a great compliment to receive when someone says, "I saw this dress the other day and it was so you". 

When Moana conducts a style consultation, she does a Style Personality Assessment and finds that quite often women are a combination of two different style personalities. One will be more dominant than the other. 

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Contact Moana today to find out more about Style Consultations which include a Style Personality Assessment and also a Style Type Assessment.

You can also check our "STEP UP TO STYLE" course to deepen your insights to be the best version of yourself.

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