How to Look and Feel Good in Front of a TV Camera| What to Wear on TV

what to wear on tv

Television offers visual elements. Lights, colours, designs, and gestures are crucial. What to wear on TV tips can surely boost your confidence and style.

TV screen output can be different from the actual. Lights and colours may create distractions or dull moments. Human gestures affect audience impact. Every detail and element of the outfit should be well-planned.

Tips on what to do or wear in front of the camera


  • Choose solid colours and tones that complement your skin colour and the background. Solid colour has the same colour all over. It is plain and lacks patterns.

what to wear on tv

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Light or cotton clothes are great. Any discomfort  shows up on the face. Feeling good and comfortable is the key.

what to wear on tv

  • High Definition TV captures small details. Oily skin is exaggerated on the screen. Foundation and face powder lightens up faces and moods.

what to wear on tv

what to wear on tv

  • Makeup should look natural. Wearing the right makeup enhances skin tone from the studio lighting.

what to wear on tv

  • Jewellery should be congruent to your skin tone and outfit. Flashy earrings, necklaces and bracelets are distracting on  camera.

what to wear on tv

Scopophobia, Blushing and  Butterflies in the Stomach

It is normal to get nervous. Even celebrities can experience butterflies in their stomachs. The secret is to breathe and relax. Refine your movements. Compose your thoughts. Scopophobia is a condition and it is the fear of being stared at. This can be helped with hypnotherapy and other calming techniques. Blushing is something that can also be helped with hypnotherapy.

Calm your Nerves

Balanced breathing to the slow count of 4 or 5 breaths in and the same out. Bring the air deep down into the belly and bring your awareness to the breath as you do this for 4 or 5 minutes. This calms any nerves.

Be Inspired

Remind yourself. You have a purpose. Act naturally. Be yourself. Avoid smiling the whole time. Refine your gestures and facial expressions. Use facial expressions and gestures with volition.

Practice Makes Perfect

Grab your phone. Record, save, and review your videos. Assess your styles you want to improve.

Significance and Connection

In front of the camera, we "dress to impress”.  Moreover as ,connection is  core  human need it builds  rapport and “connection” with the TV audience.

NEVER do or wear in front of the camera

  • Extreme colours may be difficult to balance for the camera. These colours are primary or complementary with high saturations. Examples are white, black, red,  green, and etc.

  • Hot Colours and Shocking Colours are distractive on a monitor. Avoid hot pink, yellow, and the like.

  • Don't wear anything that has a brand name. A company can sue you for trademark rights.

  • Patterns like dots and stripes cause headaches to the viewers. Lacy garments can create a "swarm of bees effect". Repetitive details generate visual waves and strobing on the camera. Experts call these Moire Effects.

Coming late on a taping show is a disaster. — Do's and Don'ts on TV

  • Worn shirts, ripped jeans, wrinkled garments, too-large clothes, and all sloppy dresses are noticeable on a high-definition screen. Chaotic details can catch attention and shift the theme of the show.

  • Do not wear an uncomfortable and heavy clothing.  Being uncomfortable affects your mood in the show. In the studio, lights can be scorching. Pick out the best clothes that make you breathe and less perspire.

  • Avoid wearing extremely short skirts and dresses. Consider the length of your garments. Skirts get shorter when sitting. Tight outfits might show off parts of your body when standing. Missing buttons and any maintenance defects will be annoying for you to see later on. Double-check and fit what you are going to wear before the show.

  • Keep away from anything that reflects. Bring non-glossy lipstick, non-glaring glasses, and less shiny pieces of jewellery.

  • Inside the studio, don't wear tinkling or jangling bracelets or pieces of jewellery. The pitch can be captured by the mic.

  • Refrain from smiling all the time, freezing, stuttering, folding arms, brushing hair and all unnecessary gestures. Actions speak louder on a TV screen. Compose your mannerism and facial expression. Breathe, relax, and stay calm.

  • Don't overtalk and argue. Wait for your turn and stay seated. When you talk, be concise and speak conversationally. Follow directions of the Producer and TV assistants. They are aware of the best angles for TV cameras.

Checklist to be a Successful TV Guest

  • Bring extra outfits. In case of emergency, there might be a need to change attire. The studio staff might pick the best clothing for you.
  • Review your props. Ensure all outfits fit before the show. Defective and tight clothes can be prevented.
  • Look for a personal stylist. Personal styling provides the ability to know and be confident in your own particular style. Colour, body shape, and style personality are major scopes among other areas. B Styled for Life offers a Complete Transformation Package. Your stylist can advise you what to bring.
  • A hypnotherapist can help you from getting uncontrollable nervousness on the TV stage. Fears, panic attacks, anxieties, and stress can be relieved. More positive things will manifest in your life.
  • A life coach can help you reach your goals. A coach helps you to become more effective while enjoying life.
  • Prepare for the interview and personal questions.
  • Be yourself. Look good and feel good.
  • Always be thankful to the host, producers, and the like on and off the camera.
  • Read articles about what not to wear on camera. Koi-Fly is an expert on guidelines in front and behind the camera.

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Top Tips for Public Speaking and What to Wear

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