Which Red Lipstick Suits Me Best?

red lipstick

“Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.” – Dita Von Teese

red lipstickWomen with light skins look best in light and bright red lipsticks. Lipstick colours will suit you or not depending on your skin tone. Many red lipsticks are available on the market. An image consultant helps in providing tips for your best red lipstick colour. Red lipstick colours vary in tints and shades.

Dark Red Lipstick

red lipstickDeep red lipstick looks best on medium to dark skinned women. The dark red colour is congruent with the dark skin tone. According to colour psychology, dark colours may represent femininity and power.


Deep and Bright Red Lipsticks

People with darker skin can look good with both deep and bright red lipsticks depending on their undertone. Undertone is the pigment in your skin. Bright red lipstick colours may complement  and display elegance to some darker skin tones.

African woman applying red lipstick

Skin Undertone

Skin undertone is the main factor to consider when choosing a red lipstick. Undertone or your skin's pigments affects your overall skin tone. You can  have a cool undertone, warm undertone or neutral undertones. Here are some tips:

  • Cool Undertone-  Blue-based red shades suit cool undertoned skin. Tbis type of shade looks great for pale skin tones.
  • Warm Undertone-  Gold or peach red shades suit warm undertoned skin. Wearing a soft same coloured blush may intensify your warm undertone. Putting on your red lipstick colour creates a natural glow.
  • Neutral Undertone- Use a lip liner colour darker than your red lipstick. A vareity of red lipsticks suit this skin undertone.

How to test your red lipstick for cool undertone?

Applying a very light layer of a red lipstick first is the best way to tell if you suit your red lipstick. If it has a pink look to it then it is most likely a cool toned red which suits cool undertoned skin. Warm reds include brick reds, coral or peach reds and fire engine red colours.  Moana Robinson can provide more tips on how to look your best wearing red lipsticks.

Lipstick Colour Tone

Remember that the right red lipstick has something to do with your skin undertone. Otherwise, the result looks different from what you expected. Things to remember:

  • Cool red lipstick will make people with warm undertones look pale or washed out.
  • When a warm red lipstick applies to a cool skin undertone, the complexion becomes unwell and sallow. 

Red Lipstick on Neutral Skin Tone

A neutral undertone is your underneath skin colour having the same colour as your skin surface. Take note that your undertone is not the same as your skin tone. Skin tone is the colour of your naked skin. People with neutral skin whether they have dark skin or light skin can wear blue-based or yellow/orange-toned red lipsticks.

Colour Swatch

red lipstickImage consultants like Moana always ask their clients to remove the makeup before using the colour swatch. A Colour swatch is a palette tool that contains a variety of shades for each colour. At the consultation you receive your own personalised colour swatch which contains approxiamtely 50 different colours to suit your hair, skin and eyes. The colour swatch comes with a handy purse and a detailed booklet which Moana goes through in details so that you understand why you suit certain colours and may not suit other colours. In the meantime take this quiz which Moana has developed to find out your undertone.

red lipstick

Which Red Lipstick Suits Most People

red lipstickClassic red is the safest to suit most people. Beauticians and image consultants recommend this type of red lipstick for beginners. Hydrating and long-wearing "classic" red lipsticks are convenient for more women.


Why do Flight Attendants wear Bright Red Lipstick?

Bright red lipsticks help cabin crew members let their passengers read their lips during emergencies. Read the article here.



Arbonne — Best Healthy Red Lipsticks

red lipstick• Moana's favourite red lipstick is the Arbonne Hibiscus. It is more of pink-red lipstick. Watermelon, Lentil, and Apple Fruit Extracts are the ingredients to soften your lips. Contact Moana or click this link to check the product. Select and choose below your favourite Arbonne red shades.

red lipstick

red lipstickAster is quite a neutral lipstick. Many women can use it because the pink looks like red lipstick.

red lipstickDahlia is more of a deep, warm red. Apply one coat with a lip brush for a lighter look.

red lipstickZinnia is more of a light warm red lipstick. Minimal makeup complements to the light warm colours.

red lipstickGladiola is more of a classic red lipstick. Universal red is commonly good for many skin tones.

Nowadays, famous people are wearing red lipsticks for big affairs. Learn more tips on how to choose your colours. Find out when and how to apply then. Moana, the Sassy Stylist, has more experience in styling workshops and image consultations. Feel free to reach out on these links:

red lipstick

red lipstick



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