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Take the stress away. Audit your own wardrobe so that you are ready for any occasion. You will discover in this step by step system the successful way to declutter and have a beautiful wardrobe


the Sassy Stylist
Woman smelling perfume on her wrist

Perfume is a Personal Choice

Perfume as Part of Your Signature Brand Some of us who love perfume do have a signature scent. They like to wear to this reflect their personality and can it…
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Rebellious Style Personality

Rebellious Style Personality

Rebellious defines as showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention -Rebellious Style Personality

Rebellious Style Personality creates an impression of wearing anything based on one's preference regardless of others' consent. This is only one of many interesting types of style personalities. The positive side of this personality is that being unique brings out talents and insights.

Know Your Colours
Colours may define the way you act and think. Colour Psychology can be a therapy. Knowing this subject enlightens us about our interactions with ourselves and others.

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how to wear black

How to Wear Colours: Black

Do you know when to choose and how to wear black clothes? Imagine going to a seminar or conference and seeing a mass of black clothes everywhere. The best way to stand out in a crowd like this is to wear coloured accessories in your signature colours.

Tips on Standing out in a Crowd
Listen to Moana Robinson’s interview on Presentation Boss for tips on standing out in a crowd of corporate workers when most people will wear black. Click and play the podcast below:

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Couple looking at each other asking why it is it important for people to look at your eyes

Why Is It Important For People To Look At Your Eyes?

Why is it important for people to look at your eyes? Looking at someone's eyes is an important part of communication and social interaction. Here are a few reasons why:  Eye contact signals engagement and interest: When you make eye contact with someone, it shows that you are paying attention to them and interested in what they are saying or doing. This can help build trust and rapport with the other person.

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Feminine Style Personality

Feminine Style Personality

“Modesty answers not the crude how of femininity, but the beautiful why.” ― Wendy Shalit, Feminine Style Personality

The Feminine Style Personality shows the dressing style as more womanly and occasionally romantic. The same theme goes for the details like the fabric, hair, and colours.

Concept of Feminine Style Personality
Feminity carries various definitions with different interpretations. Feminine implies empathy, sensitivity, gentleness, and humility

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A body shape

All About Body Shapes: A Body Shape

For the A body shape, your best features are your legs.

A Body Shape

A-Body Shape is also called Pear Body Shape. Shoulders are narrow. Hips are wider. This Body Shape is the most common female body figure.

Uneven Looks for A Body Shape
Showing off the slender upper body may throw off your body's balance. Your lower part may look bigger than it actually is.

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