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womens legs in bright tights and yellow socks

What To Wear | Short Body Long Legs

No body is perfect as perfection does not exist. I believe knowing yourself and wearing comfortable clothes with your unique style and confidence are keys to feeling and looking great  — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life
What to Wear | Short Body Long Legs
The length of your torso is the distance from the top of your head to the crotch.
The length of your legs is the distance from your crotch to your feet.
Whether you are tall or short your legs may be very long in proportion to your body. Whatever your measurements we are all unique and it is about creating balance and finding styles to suit that are comfortable.
You can work out whether you have a short torso and long legs by standing up straight with bare feet and have someone measure you or have a photo taken directly in front of you to work this out. Photographs are an easy way to visually see this yourself and work out the measurement difference.

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Pre-Loved Clothing

Why Buy Pre-Loved Clothing

There are so many benefits to buying pre-loved clothing. If you explore some of the vintage or pre-loved clothing stores you can find some wonderful, exciting bargains at a fraction of the price that the brand new item would be. Quite often clothing is donated which is brand new or hardly worn at all. Some items still have the original price tag on when it is donated. Many items may have been donated simply because the previous owner changed their mind or decided they did not suit that garment because of preference, lifestyle, colouring, size or style personality.

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What To Wear | Long Body Short Legs

Body proportions vary from person to person as we are all so unique and individual - Thank goodness for that — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life
What to Wear | Long Body Short Legs
The length of your torso is the distance from the top of your head to the crotch.
The length of your legs is the distance from your crotch to your feet.
This is a very common body type and it doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short. Body proportions can still vary greatly.

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red lipstick

Which Red Lipstick Suits Me Best?

Women with light skins look best in light and bright red lipsticks. Lipstick colours will suit you or not depending on your skin tone. Many red lipsticks are available on the market. An image consultant helps in providing tips for your best red lipstick colour. Red lipstick colours vary in tints and shades.

Dark Red Lipstick

Deep red lipstick looks best on medium to dark skinned women. The dark red colour is congruent with the dark skin tone. According to colour psychology, dark colours may represent femininity and power.

Deep and Bright Red Lipsticks

People with darker skin can look good with both deep and bright red lipsticks depending on their undertone. Undertone is the pigment in your skin. Bright red lipstick colours may complement  and display elegance to some darker skin tones.

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v body shape

All About Body Shapes: V Body Shape

The V body shape is like a swimmer’s body shape. — B Styled for Life- Living with Sass and Style Over 50. V Body ShapeShoulders are broader than hips. You’ve got a tapered torso, a smaller waist, and great legs. Secret Tips for V Body Shape
Add volume to your lower half. Do not create more volume on your top half

Light Colours and Prints
Draw attention to the lower half of the body. Use light colours and prints below the belt. Light colours advance an darker colours are receding.

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Woman in glasses showing how to find style after 40 years old

How To Find Your Style After 40 Years Old

Finding your personal style after 40 years old can be a fun and exciting process. Here are some tips to help you discover your style:

Identify your body type: As we age, our bodies change, and it's essential to understand what styles will flatter your body type. Knowing your body type will help you find clothes that fit you well and make you feel comfortable and confident.

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how to wear black

How to Wear Colours: Black

Do you know when to choose and how to wear black clothes? Imagine going to a seminar or conference and seeing a mass of black clothes everywhere. The best way to stand out in a crowd like this is to wear coloured accessories in your signature colours.

Tips on Standing out in a Crowd
Listen to Moana Robinson’s interview on Presentation Boss for tips on standing out in a crowd of corporate workers when most people will wear black. Click and play the podcast below:

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Relaxed Style Personality

Relaxed Style Personality

Take a deep breath and consider these brief life lessons to embrace peace and serenity. —, Relaxed Style Personality

This style personality is all about comfort. A person with a Relaxed Style Personality looks humble and approachable. Hair and clothing is natural and relaxed.

Hair and Makeup
Makeup is minimal. Lip gloss would be all that is worn sometimes or very natural colours. Hairstyles are plain and no fuss.

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