All About Body Shapes- H Body Shape

H Body Shape

Fit is everything. I don't care what your body type is like: If you're not wearing clothes that fit you, you can't have style. — Stacy London, H Body Shape

H Body ShapeThe H Body Shape goes straight up and down. The waistline doesn’t go in much. Experts call this a Rectangle Body Shape. The Rectangle Body Shape has less waist definition.

What to Wear for H Body Shape

Keep details above the bust or along the hemline and away from your middle area. H Shapes are better without belts. If you choose to wear belts, make sure they are quite simple in style, dropped down at the front or blouse the top over to give the illusion of a waist.


  • Decorations are flattering at the shoulder and neckline area for the H Shape

H Body Shape

  • A good tip for H Body Shape is to make sure your jeans and pants are fitted around your hips and thighs to help to create curves.

H Body Shape

  • This popular tunic shape has a beautiful leafy design. The 95% cotton outfit is ideal for H Body Shape.

H Body Shape

H Body Shape

Here is a video explaining the styling tips for an H Body Shape

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H Body Shape

Avoid Wearing these for H Body Shape Figures

  • Belted Clothes- Any belted garments or coats draw attention to the waist. Avoid horizontals around the waist area. Vertical details down the middle will be more flattering.

h body shape


  • Clothes that Cinch- Avoid wearing coats or garments that cinch at the waist.

h body shape

  • Vertical lines created by an edge to edge cardigan work best for an H Shape rather than any belts

H Body Shape- Shopping with Moana

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When you look at me who do you see?
The curves on my body, the marks on my skin.
When you look at me who do you see?
You see more of you than you do of me.

—Untamed Poetess

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Find Your Style Personality

Also, the book B Styled for Life- Living with Sass and Style over 50, brings awareness of your Style Personality guides you to your path of happiness. Above all, you can simplify your choices to achieve the best version of yourself. The way you put your outfit  together is the best way to show your personality on the outside. It affects the way that you feel. So, here are some other types of personality that you can learn about:

classic style personality

Furthermore, you will come across other Style Personalities. Anyone may have two or more Style Personalities. In fact, a Dramatic personality style may also possess an Elegant and Classic elements in their style.

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the Sassy Stylist
dramatic style personality

Dramatic Style Personality

A dramatic style personality makes an entrance that's full of drama.

As a Dramatic Style Personality, everyone will notice your dress and accessories. This includes bags, shoes and earrings, watch and even the type of pen you use. Because of this, people will stare at you and be intrigued by your style and what occasion you may be attending.

An Art You Can Master
Using your style personality is an art. It is expressing individuality through appearance. This includes earrings, glasses, and other accessories.

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