Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls may find obstacles in meeting people's standards. Anxieties, confusions, and doubts are common issues. Styling and life for teenage girls is an exciting aspect of exploring dreams and fulfillment.

Social media communicates with new generations on how to dress and to behave. This trend might be a good thing. However, studies show that online platforms may create a negative impact on young minds. For instance, the feeling of being left behind may cause disappointment and depression.

Criticism Provokes Sense of Value.

Young people are vulnerable to criticism. Moreover, they may tend to live on the majority's expectations. As a result, frustrations manifest every time failure happens.

Secret to a Life Balance

Moana shares her secret on how to make the opposite of any negative comments. She has more good news to offer along with other experts. Styling and Life for Teenage Girls is an inspired project to help youngsters boost confidence.

Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

Equip your Teen Child with their Interests and New Learnings.

Prepare your teenage child to be their best version. They will discover their natural beauty and potential.

The Five Styling and Life Experts

Five Professionals will be presenting to share their expertise on the following:

  • Life Coaching

Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

  • Personal Styling

Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

  • Hairdressing

Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

  • Modelling Photography

B STYLED Teen Girls Styling & Life Skills Workshop

This interactive workshop is a half-day activity for teenagers from 13-19 years of age. Most importantly, this workshop helps girls giving them the ability to look, feel and be their best. Specifically, it includes the following:

  • Advice on hair and make-up.
  • Knowing her best styles and colours.
  • The importance of confidence in life
  • Knowing how to pose with confidence from the Master Award Winning Photographer.
  • Live experience from a former catwalk & photographic model.
  • Goodie bags of products, vouchers, and books valued at over $200
  • Light lunch and refreshments are provided.

Limited numbers - Bookings are Essential for Styling and Life for Teenage Girls Workshop

The venue creates a caring and positive ambiance for each young participant. Our goal is to make them feel good, confident, and to have an optimistic and realistic  outlook on life.

Book here or contact Moana to enquire about this workshop.

Teen Workshops are stepping stones to build great personalities and train teenagers to create wise decisions at an early point in time.

Successful people share their stories of triumph. Surprisingly, awareness is the key. The more they acknowledge their weakness, the more they turn weakness into opportunities.

Success at Young Age

This session may uncover the creativity of your child. One of the blogs in B Styled for Life narrates the story of Iris. When she was young, her mother encouraged Iris to explore her talents. Presently, Iris Apfel is now famous as New York Fashion Icon. She is known for her Creative Style Personality.

What is your Style Personality?

New generations are lucky. They can access online quizzes to identify their style personality. The more they understand their Style, the more they can resolve inner-self and social issues.

Colours Affect a Teen's Personality. Children interact with hues all the time.

Colours- Styling and Life for Teenage Girls

A picture paints a thousand words. Colours may be visual representations of our emotions. If your daughter is happy, she may unintentionally perceive bright colours as an analogy of her emotion. Otherwise, if your daughter is sad, dark colours may symbolize the feeling.

The Psychology of Colours

Colour psychology is a good guide for teens to study how particular colours affect human behavior. Experts discover how various colors show meanings in one's behaviour.

Teenagers need to embrace their authentic selves.

This half-day exercise can create an impact on your teen. The entire session will help them understand their importance. Here are some good pointers for the participants:

  • Making healthy choices will be a part of their routines.
  • If you know yourself, you will overcome your fear.
  • This process starts your journey. It takes time to discover your full potential.
  • Treat yourself well.
  • Be the best version of you as an individual.
  • Understand your inner self.


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It is much deeper and gives you an understanding of how you think and feel about style. The report gives you a deep understanding of your personal relationship with style and the best way for you to travel your authentic style pathway. The 16 Style Type report you receive is included in your Style Session.

Many women don’t understand why they struggle with style.

Yes, it is important to know the colours that highlight your skin, hair, and eyes. Yes, it is important to know your body shape. Many women think this is the magic answer to "Style". As a life coach and NLP Practitioner Moana truly believes the most powerful way to know your style is to truly know yourself from the inside out.

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