Do You have a short body and long legs?

No body is perfect as perfection does not exist. I believe knowing yourself and wearing comfortable clothes with your unique style and confidence are keys to feeling and looking great  — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life

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What to Wear | Short Body Long Legs

  • The length of your torso is the distance from the top of your head to the crotch.
  • The length of your legs is the distance from your crotch to your feet.
  • Whether you are tall or short your legs may be very long in proportion to your body. Whatever your measurements we are all unique and it is about creating balance and finding styles to suit that are comfortable.

You can work out whether you have a short torso and long legs by standing up straight with bare feet and have someone measure you or have a photo taken directly in front of you to work this out. Photographs are an easy way to visually see this yourself and work out the measurement difference.

Here are some great tips to find styles to balance your proportions if you have a short body and long legs

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Many people may say “You are so lucky to have a short body and long legs” as they may wish they had longer legs.

The stereotype of a model figure seems to be a short body and long legs.  You may be experiencing a lot of frustration though as it is not always as easy for you as many think.

The stereotype of a model figure seems to be someone with long legs. However models are usually tall and will have standard body proportions so that they always fit the clothing being modelled. However if you are petite which is usually 5'3" or under it can sometimes be challenging to find clothing to feel comfortable and look good especially if you are also short-waisted. Even shopping in the petites section of a clothing range can sometimes be frustrating because the length of the trousers may be too short. If you have a short body and long legs there are a few ways to balance your proportions.

Some style tips for dressing your short body and long legs are:


  • Wear low to mid rise pants. Mid rise is just below your belly button
  • Wear light wash or coloured denim or coloured pants to draw more attention downwards and away from your shorter body.
  • Flowing pants will be flattering and can easily be worn if you have longer legs.
  • Denims with detail around the hem can be worn.
  • Cropped pants are easy to wear and can be worn casually or can look more dressy depending on shoes and top worn with them.
  • Cuffed pants or jeans with detail around the hem can be worn successfully whereas someone with shorter legs would not suit these.


  • Tie waisted dresses will be flattering and give you more shape at the waist
  • Drop waisted dresses and tops will give you more length through the mid section
  • Shift dresses are flattering and the length can vary depending on your height
  • Faux wrap dresses in an A line shape defines your shape and look good on many figures
  • Ruching is one of the best details on a dress to camoflauge any unbalanced body proportions
  • Dresses will disguise any short or long proportion differences as no-one can see where your body finishes and the legs start


  • Tops with vertical lines will look good on you as this will elongate the body
  • Tops will be best untucked
  • If a top is worn with flowing pants something sleek like a tank or wide strapped singlet top is good
  • If you prefer to cover the arms ensure the top isn't too bulky and full if worn with flowing pants
  • Avoid crop tops as this will make your body look even shorter
  • Mock turtle neck tops will add length to your torso – as long as your neck isn’t too short
  • Tunic tops are great and are very easy to wear
  • Detail on the shoulders such as ties or epaulettes on the shoulders draw the eye upwards around the shoulder area.
  • Tank tops with thick straps are best because you want to make your top like one long piece. Thin straps that show more skin will make that block of colour more obvious and show that it covers a smaller area
  • Button up collared short sleeved tops adds a little bit of height to the top of your torso.
  • Halter tops are great for short torsos because it creates that colour block all the way up to the neck area
  • Graphic t shirts can be worn loose and comfortable and look trendy for a casual look to add to the top area
  • Short sleeves and capped sleeves draw the eye upwards
  • Strapless and off the shoulder tops minimises the colour block at the top of your torso
  • Draped tops with a V neck will elongate the neck and lengthen the torso
  • Chunky or textured tops or jumpers will be adaptable as you can adjust where the bulk goes.

Accessories and Other Great Tips to Balance Proportions

  • Longer necklaces and earrings will look good
  • Skinny belts rather than wide belts will make your torso look longer. Rope belts, chain belts and anything that is thinner without shortening the top part of your body wil look best
  • Darker coloured shoes can be worn with lighter pants, skirts or dresses – although wearing shoes similar to your hair colour is usually a good idea to create a loop effect if your legs are very long then you can get away with wearing dark shoes even with light hair
  • Ankle boots or shoes with an ankle strap will make your legs look shorter
  • White sneakers will make your feet look a little more prominent. Also metallic or coloured shoes
  • Avoid high waists or empire lines in dresses and tops
  • Ensure that you wear a supportive bra to lift yourself up
  • Ensure Blazers or jackets end at  your hips or below


Moana Robinson from B Styled for Life can help you with Colour and Style challenges including suggestions for clothing and accessories for your lifestyle, body shape and body proportions. Contact Moana today to enquire about booking a session either online or in person.

Examples of Famous People with Short Torsos and Longer Legs


Blake Lively

Naomi Campbell

Gisele Bündchen

Taylor Swift

As always remember that all bodies are beautiful no matter the proportions, These tips are a way to visually create balance and is a smart way to style your outfits.

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