Why Buy Pre-Loved Clothing

There are so many benefits to buying pre-loved clothing.

If you explore some of the vintage or pre-loved clothing stores you can find some wonderful, exciting bargains at a fraction of the price that the brand new item would be. Quite often clothing is donated which is brand new or hardly worn at all. Some items still have the original price tag on when it is donated. Many items may have been donated simply because the previous owner changed their mind or decided they did not suit that garment because of preference, lifestyle, colouring, size or style personality.  

Benefits of Buying Pre-Loved Clothing

If you haven’t explored the possibilities of browsing through your local pre-loved clothing store maybe this is an opportunity to see why so many people are moving towards this eco friendly way of shopping which helps to reduce waste for for our planet.  

Benefits of Buying Pre-Loved Clothing

Take a look at the Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Loved Clothing 

You can save literally hundreds of dollars especially if you are someone who likes to vary their wardrobe a lot.

1. If you like to have a lot of choice in your outfits every day this is a very economical way to expand your wardrobe. 

2. Many pre-loved clothing shoppers discover unique and interesting items which are no longer available in mainstream stores and boutiques.

3. Pre-loved clothing has already been washed and therefore there is less likelihood of any surprise shrinkage or fading. What you see with the garment is what you get and if you go to a quality store the clothing is clean and selected for sale accordingly. 

4. By purchasing pre-loved clothing you are not contributing to the demand for new clothing production which often involves unethical labour practices and environmental harm. Recycling clothing is eco friendly as it helps reduce waste for our planet. 

5. The major benefit of shopping for pre-loved clothing is that you are helping the community. For example, f you shop at a charity store such as Safe Haven Emporium which is located at The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach you are supporting  Safe Haven Community which helps women suffering domestic violence and family abuse. 

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Clothing Swap Parties and Community Events 

Swap parties and clothing exchanges are a great way to add items to your wardrobe.

Money can be raised for charity and it is so much fun trying clothes on. You can help others, make new friends and support  community. Here is a video of Sumi having fun modelling coats. One coat she purchased was from Max Mara and has proved to be a favourite item in her wardrobe


Sumiko Eyears of Sumico Photography is a champion pre-loved clothing shopper and has collected many bargains over the years – look at these gorgeous garments ranging from $20-40 including top brands like Calvin Klein

Moana Robinson purchased this gorgeous casual top at a pre-loved clothing store for $20. She also bought these shoes for $20 at a Safe Haven pre-loved clothing sale and came home to find they went perfectly with one of her favourite jackets

More and More Celebrities Love Pre-loved Clothing

According to Retail Insider many celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Lorde, Courtney Love and Jada Pinket Smith enjoy browsing pre-loved clothing stores. 

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As always remember that all bodies are beautiful no matter the proportions, These tips are a way to visually create balance and is a smart way to style your outfits.

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