Creative Style Personality

creative style peronality

Creative Style Personality is all about creativity and innovation.

Creative Style Personality: Art Gives Meaning to our Lives

A Creative Style Personality person prefers to wear artistic clothes and accessories! The world would never be the same without their imaginative minds. Fabrics and colours are essential. The outfit is never ordinary.

Exotic Prints

Roberto Cavalli is a creative style personality. This designer  is known for exotic prints. One example is the exotic animal print.  He designed the Burned Silk Jean, a vintage from the 1990s.

creative style personality

You can't find happiness in money but shopping. ‒ Marilyn Monroe.

Moana's Shopshare

Moana's Shopshare TV Channel offers ideas for Creative Style clothes and accessories. You will see on this channel varieties of creative styles of bags and clothes. Here are the examples:

If you love any of these items and they sold out, contact Moana by leaving a message below. Moana provides a service to find garments for you depending on your style personality. If you have a special event Moana can put together some suggestions for you.

Nobody teaches children how to walk or talk. They learn through exposure and a process of self-discovery.

One of the Essence of Humanity is Creativity - Creative Style Personality


Iris Apfel is an ideal example of  Creative Style Personality. Apfel is a fashion icon who has seen  nine presidents serve in the White House. Some designers  and style icons use intellect to express their ideas. Instead, Apfel follows her gut feeling and instinct. What's more, Thinking about Creativity is a good blog explaining how this personality becomes a part of a style, business, and all aspects of life.

Know your Style Personality

Awareness of your Style Personality guides you to your path of happiness. Above all, you can simplify your choices to achieve the best version of yourself. The way you put your outfit  together is the best way to show your personality on the outside. It affects the way that you feel. So, here are some other types of personality that you can learn about:

Furthermore, you will come across other Style Personalities. Anyone may have two or more Style Personalities. In fact, a Dramatic personality style may also possess an Elegant and Classic elements in their style.

Now is the Right Time

What is your Style Personality quiz saves you time to discover or confirm your natural fashion style. As a result, you will enjoy every aspect of your image and personal styling. You will always feel comfortable in what you are wearing if you dress according to your own style.

Learning never exhausts the mind. ― Leonardo da Vinci

Be Your Own Unique Style

Step Up to Style Course prepares you to look your best in 21 days. This goes on inside the mind, heart, as well as outside. You will shine and stand out in your own styling and qualities. In summary, you will learn some relevant pointers:

  • The How to Look and Feel your Best module gives you the fundamentals to be the best version.
  • The Seven Keys Aspects To Style provides insights about silhouettes and other keys.
  • The Body Shapes Tips unleash the secrets of beauty based on your physique.
  • The Style Types and Personalities topic shows us the world of style psychology.
  • Whereas, the Face Shapes module tells us the importance of our face features.
  • Colours bring life to styles. Colour is one of the primary properties. It connects to our overall nature.
  • In addition, the course has bonus tips. Each tip comes from Moana's experience of how her clients achieve great looks.
Elegant Style Personality

If we feel good, we look good, and if we look, good we feel good.

Living with Sass and Style Over 50

B Styled for Life Living with Sass and Style Over 50

What is an extra special reason to love  the Step Up to Style course?

It includes Moana's  Amazon's best-selling book, "Living with Sass and Style over 50".  One reader has said "I got rid of my past depression and learned to value my life. I started to step up the ladder to a healthy life and a good relationship."

We are more than our physical bodies.

Find out how to  to look the best from the inside out. You can learn plenty of ways to have balance in your life. There is more on the "Shop" page, click this link, and you will love her book collection.


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